New Beginnings (Again)

It has been quite some time, hasn’t it? But it’s been a crazy few months since I’ve last written. Anyway… I’ve said my goodbyes to Edinburgh, Scotland this August and moved to Munich, Germany! I’ve managed to find a job as a Software Engineer here, so I consider myself quite lucky. Though, I guess I … More New Beginnings (Again)

Graduating University

Since last month I’ve: graduated university turned twenty-five had at least 10 panic attacks from job hunting I really thought that list would be longer… But first things first, I graduated uni!! I will brag a bit and say that I got a First Class BSc. Honours in Computer Science. I was actually quite surprised … More Graduating University

Hello, Apathy

Ha. I wish. These days I’ve been spending too much time wishing I didn’t have to deal with my illnesses. Yes, I’m in the part of the diagnosis cycle where I wallow in self-pity. I just… I hate it so much. Any chance I can get, I cry my eyes out, wishing I didn’t have to wake … More Hello, Apathy