Happiness is a Warm Puppy

Song of the Day: Somebody’s Baby by Jackson Browne

I usually like to pick a song that is at least a little bit related to what I’m writing about but I’m obsessed with the song right now. It’s one of my “happy songs”. By the way, “obsession” is a word I have trouble spelling all the time. I seriously just spelled it as “obsessession”. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. To be quite honest, I’m not the best writer. Though I do remember this one time in my Russian LIterature class, I got an A on my essay about Robinson Crusoe.

Do you ever just think so quickly that you just start speaking nonsense? That happens to me a lot, even while I’m writing.

Anyway, I don’t know if you know this but I’m a huge animal lover. Well, I’m just a dog lover. I volunteer at animal rescues all the time. I get really emotional sometimes, especially when a dog has been severely abused. But I also tear up when one of the dogs I’ve gotten attached to is adopted. When I was volunteering at Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, there were these two dogs, Blaze and Bond, that I was so attached to. Oh they were absolutely gorgeous, full black German Shepherd Dogs. God, I loved them so much. I’d visit them, among many others, in the kennels as much as I could. One day they got adopted together and I was just so elated. It made my whole month.

My babies Zeus and Riley
My babies Zeus and Riley

Some of my favorite breeds include labs, german shepherds, rottweilers, pit bull terriers, dobermans, great danes, and mastiffs. I got really angry one time when one of my friends started talking about how pit bulls were dangerous breeds. Blame the deed, not the breed. Pit bulls have just been unfortunate enough to have had a string of irresponsible owners. There was a night a few weeks ago when I watched three or four documentaries about pit bull fighting. I hated humanity for a little while after that. One of the dog fighters said something along the lines of, “This is just like MMA. They’re in the ring because they want to fight.”

That comment set me off and I usually feel emotions to the extreme so I was livid. These dogs have absolutely no choice. They have no say in the matter. They’re forced to train at a young age and then are placed in an arena where they have to fight for their life. That documentary showed disturbing footage of the dogs fighting and I couldn’t stop crying. I just felt so terrible for them, being forced into such a situation.

I hugged my dogs after that.

Here’s one of the documentaries: Out of the Pit

By the way, those dogs are my life. Riley’s the one-year-old lab/pointer, though people think he’s part pit bull. He’s the sweetest dog. And then there’s Zeus, the purebred rottweiler. A friend of my brother’s dogs had a litter. When he gets too active in the house, Riley does a great job calming him down. As you can see, they’re the best of friends.



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