New Room!

I think I mentioned before that I just moved to L.A. and so I’ve been spending the past week or so trying to fix up my room and it’s finally done. I’m so happy with it.

Yes, yes that is a One Direction poster.


There is actually six pillows on my bed. I really don’t need that much but since I’m tiny, I like to be surrounded by by clouds.



Fun fact: My closet is broken down into two categories. There are the clothes that are going to be folded and the clothes that are going to be hung. The folded clothes are divided into bottoms (arranged by color and length) and loungewear. The clothes on the hangers are divided into coats, jackets, knits/cardigans, long-sleeved blouses, and short-sleeved blouses. And everything is arranged by color.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been working on since I got here.

It’s safe to say that I may never leave, not that I frequently go outside anyway.

I should go outside considering we have a pool and it’s in the nineties right now.


This is actually the view from my noticable filthy window. In my opinion, I have the best room location because the sun never shines directly into my room yet I get ample sunlight in the afternoon.

That’s all for now, I guess.

I’ve had writer’s block all week.


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