A Day Outside… Finally!

I’m so proud of myself.

I actually went outside! I know that doesn’t really seem like a big deal but it is to me. I don’t think I’ve been outside to a public area in quite a while now. Well there was that time I tried to volunteer but had an anxiety attack. But let’s not dwell on that.

I was by myself because, well, I literally have no friends here because I just moved a few weeks ago.

Buuuut, I liked how I did my makeup so I just decided to take the car and leave.

My first stop, as always was Barnes and Noble. I absolutely love bookstores because I’m a pretty voracious reader. I probably spend way too much money on books, but at least they’re practical… most of the time.

I went a bit mad one time and bought several hundred dollars worth of books about quantum physics. At least I read some of them.

Anyway, the last book I read was The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout. I find psychology pretty interesting, especially abnormal psychology, so I love reading those kinds of books too. It’s intriguing how sociopaths could be anyone you know. 

While I was at Barnes and Noble I wanted to get so many books.

Camera 360

I wanted to get Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut so badly! I read about five chapters while I sat in the café and it was great so far. I love satires. But I realized I still had some books at home that I needed to read.

I’ve also wanted to read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins for a while now. I’m agnostic and I don’t usually like to read things about religion but the first few chapters were interesting.

On a side note, I prefer reading paperbacks over ebooks because I like to have the physical book in my hands. I tend to mark pages with sticky notes if I find a portion of the page particularly interesting. That’s when you know I’ve gone through a book. There are sticky notes sticking out all over the sides.

Okay, who loves Legos?

I do.

But now that I’m older I like the Architecture series much more than the regular blocks. Just look at them! I could spend hours just finishing each and every one of them. I wish they weren’t so expensive though. Some are more than a hundred dollars.

I guess it could be worth it. I don’t know.

I’m an impulse buyer so I’m surprised I didn’t buy it on the spot.

I should ask for one for Christmas or something.

So I guess technically I wasn’t really outside.

I mean I went to the mall but sales associates give me a lot of anxiety because they tend to bother me a lot. I know it’s their job to help out the customers but they don’t have to ask me if I need help five times in twenty minutes.

really spent time outside when I took my little sister out for a walk. She moves around so much it’s difficult to take a photo of her but I liked that one above. She’s just a little ball of energy. Start playing Justin Bieber or One Direction and she’ll be rocking out.

I spend a majority of my time inside so I appreciate the little things that happen when I do leave.

So that was a short summary of my day. I hope you had a splendid one as well!


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