I settled on being a doll

… but a zombie doll!

Happy Halloween! I decided to dress up this year since I haven’t in about four or five years. Surprisingly I didn’t really dress up in high school. I think I did for one or two years. I don’t really remember.

Anyway, I worked really hard on becoming a zombie today. It took me about three hours to finish my make up. I had the leg wounds and everything.

Oh wait! Let me show you my Jack-o-lantern. I made it into Jack Skellington.



Cute, isn’t it?

Back to my costume. I had to doll myself up. Have you ever tried to put on fake eyelashes? I absolutely hate those things. Well, the ones I wore obscured my vision.


 I don’t know. I thought I looked pretty creepy as just a doll.

And then came all the zombie makeup, which was a lot of fun but such a pain to take off. You can see my zombie makeup up there but I also wanted to show you my full outfit since I did the slashes on my knees as well.


That was before I soaked my clothes in blood. I was really proud of myself because I did really well with all the wounds and everything. In case you were wondering I used tissue and latex… and fake blood of course.

Like I said, it was the first time in a while since I dressed up so I went all out on it.

I went trick-or-treating with my younger sister and that was fun too. I really only wanted m&m’s, which have always been my favorite candy so I gave the rest to whoever wanted it.

At first I was a bit hesitant to go out and knock on people’s doors but I got used to all of it because, well, everyone else was doing it. My anxiety just kind of dissipated after the first fifteen or twenty minutes.

I actually had fun… especially when I realized how much I was scaring the younger children.

I’m only joking.

But not really. I had fun passing out candy too.

I hope you had a fantastic Halloween!


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