What Makes You Laugh?

I was home alone for about six or seven hours today and I did what every twenty-year-old would do: watch movies on the big screen and eat popcorn on the couch. We’re never allowed to eat on the couch! So I take any chance I get, including the wee hours of the morning. What an exciting Sunday! I’m really not joking; I love my lazy Sundays… though for me that turns into lazy Mondays, Tuesdays, and etc.

My laziness isn’t the point.

I happened to be watching Grown Ups 2 and This is the End, which are both categorized as comedies. They’re both similar types of humor, mostly slapstick, but the latter is more suggestive.

So I got thinking about all the different types of humor there are out there. I personally have a sarcastic and dry sense of humor. I like to deliver my so-called jokes with a straight face. The downside to that type of humor includes everyone thinking that either you’re always serious or you’re always joking. One time in the middle of finals I told one of my classmates to stab me in the eye with a pencil because I would much rather be in the ER than in that lecture hall taking that specific exam. Let’s just say she was a little concerned.

But I can’t really blame her, or anyone really. It takes a while to get to know a person’s sense of humor sometimes, especially when it’s so different from your own. That’s why for my first few conversations with a new acquaintance, I’ll have to laugh a little to make sure they understand that I’m actually joking. But sometimes I actually joke about joking about something and so on, and eventually I won’t even know if I’m joking or not.

What makes you laugh? Irony? Stupid movies? Pick-up lines? Sarcasm? Cultural and historical references? Life in general? Yourself?

Actually all of those things to a certain point make me laugh. I just like finding others who can laugh at similar things. I think we all do. Isn’t it a bit awkward if you tell a joke than no one else around you think is funny? I either get the pity laugh or I’ll just clear my throat, laugh dryly, and change the subject.

You wanna hear one of my favorite science jokes? You’ve all probably heard this one before but I love it.

A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs help with his luggage. The photon says, “No. I’m traveling light.”

I actually laughed as I typed that… Okay, I’m done for now.

You can watch a gif of my dog eating peanut butter.


5 thoughts on “What Makes You Laugh?

  1. Hiya again Derdre! 🙂

    I have to admit, I’ve made some pretty bad jokes myself! Though my humor is sort of complex I think, yet my friend called my sense of humor “Very boy”. My humor can be self-deprecating, traditional, twisted but what gets the most laughs is when I rant and sound serious while I do it. I can’t really give much of an example as you’d have to be there to understand. But one time there was idiots who lived in the block of flats (16 story apartment block) behind my mother’s house were drinking, fighting and shouting while drunk one night. So I said to my sister the next morning:

    “Did you hear that last night? They woke me up and kept me awake! I hope they fall out of the windows and hit every ledge on the way down!”

    That’s the sort of stuff I like to laugh at too, someone being serious but being funny at the same time. There’s a few videos I could show you but they’re mostly by British comedians and you may not get them. Let me know if you want an example and I’ll post one! 🙂

    – Phil

    1. Hello again!

      I probably would have said the same thing about those people. I mean even though I’m only twenty I like my peace and quiet most of the time, especially when I’m sleeping! I just love things like that. Actually when I was in the university dorms I was confrontational with those types of things and just knocked on their doors and told them to shut up.

      Oh yeah! You should definitely post some. I love British humor because it’s really similar to my own. American humor is mostly slapstick. Those are alright sometimes but I’m more fond of the deadpan kind.

      – Deirdre

      1. Ah damn, I spelled your name wrong! Sorry about that! 🙂

        I know what you mean about sleeping in peace and quiet, I can’t stand ticking clocks in my room or any light! I do live on a block of flats myself but it’s a good block with not so much noise, nothing like the one behind my Mam’s place which is full morons and halfwits! And nothing would please me more than to tell the idiots to shut up but they wouldn’t listen, you can complain to the company that owns that block but they don’t really. They’ll kick some out then invite some new idiots on because they don’t vet them properly.

        I’ll post you some Frankie Boyle first, some people view him as offensive, which he can be, but his twisted sense of humor just appeals to me. Frankie’s the guy with the glasses on, but the bloke next to him is funny too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxTuDCb-6us

        David Mitchell: His humor is very dry but intelligent at the same time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNaXguD7tFM

        A lot of the ones I can think of would have British references that you may not get. But give those a try first! 🙂

        Hope the week’s got off to a good start for you, Deirdre! 🙂

      2. That’s fine! A lot people spell my name wrong sometimes. I didn’t even notice.

        I can see how people can view Frankie as offensive, but he is hilarious. I was looking at the other related videos too and I loved them, especially the one about the large hadron collider in Switzerland.

        The second guy, David Mitchell, is definitely my type of humor! I love when people rant and force you to think about something you never thought about before. haha. I just about died when he said, “Whilst I’m happy for things to be killed for my benefit I bolk at killing them myself in my own kitchen.”

        Thanks for the videos! I enjoyed them, and the ones related to them. I hope your week is starting off well too!

        – Deirdre

  2. I’d forgotten about the large hadron collider piece! lol

    Seeing as you like David Mitchell you may like his comedy TV show (Peep Show), there’s a lot of them on YouTube. It’s about 2 mates who live together, one’s lazy and the other one works trying to make a good life for himself, but never quiet manages it. Watch this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtxK7wNUBPk In it his charcater gets raped by a woman, sounds lame but it’s funny.

    – Phil

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