Excessively Loud Gum-Chewing

Response to Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

Oh, have I been waiting for some sort of excuse to write about quirky habits… not that I really need one anyway. Everyone had their own odd habits. Even though you know some people are annoyed of you because of them, you can’t really help it. It’s just who you are.

I can actually tolerate a lot of others’ habits but there are a select few, quirky or not, that I can’t stand. List time!

  • Unnecessary touching – It just freaks me out, especially if I just met you.
  • Looking over my shoulder – Excuse me. Please stop hovering behind me. It makes me anxious.
  • Excessively loud gum-chewing – Please don’t smack your gum at me.
  • Unpleasantly short/ambiguous answers – “Okay”, “I don’t mind”, and “whatever you want.”
  • Self-invitation – If you’re not invited, you’re not invited.
  • Interrupting – Let me speak, please.

When I think of it, even my own quirks annoy me sometimes.

  • Eating pizza backwards – I think the very tip of the slice is the best part.
  • Eating burgers in a circular fashion – I like the center the most.
  • Five – I like things to be in multiples of five, like the tv volume.
  • Spoiler alert – Ugh, I read the Wikipedia pages of movies I’m too impatient to watch.
  • Hand signals – I’m not the most eloquent person so I speak with my hands to describe things.
  • People watching – It sounds really creepy but I enjoy watching humans interact.

I actually think some of these are compulsions or obsessions…  Those count, right?

When you realize that another person shares the same habit, you tend to bond over that moment,

You watch people out the window while you’re in a coffee shop? I watch people out the window while I’m in coffee shop! Let’s watch people together!

Happy Sunday from San Diego! It feels great to be back home. I hope you have a great week.


9 thoughts on “Excessively Loud Gum-Chewing

  1. Hiya Deirdre!

    That’s a good list!

    Unnecessary touching – I agree completely! Because I’m quite a tall and well-built guy people tend not to touch me! But it still happens from time to time and I don’t like it!
    Looking over my shoulder – I agree a little, but people end not to look over my shoulder cause I’m tall, but I HATE people hovering behind me!
    Excessively loud gum-chewing – This has never really bothered me, but gum sticking to the bottom of my shoe gets on my nerves!
    Unpleasantly short/ambiguous answers – I agree! Especially when you’ve asked a detailed question that requires a detailed answer in return!
    Self-invitation – I never thought about this but yeah, people inviting themselves to places would annoy me too!
    Interrupting – I am guilty of doing this now and again, though it’s not because it’s a habit, it’s because I stammer, struggle to get my words out sometimes and lose my train of thought very easily!

    Not one of your quirks annoy me at all! As long as you didn’t tell me the spoiler you read then we’d be all good!

    My habits:

    Cracking my knuckles and fingers – I can do this in several different ways, my younger sister hates it! lol
    Drink from one side of a cup – This is an OCD thing that I do from time to time.
    Count and also spelling words in my head when there’s no valid reason to – No one can see this but it annoys me!
    When I stammer/stutter – This annoys me but it has annoyed others in the past!
    Being obsessively clean – Again, OCD, it annoys me and others!
    Grinding my teeth – I feels so good! Um, but some people hate it! lol

    I’m sure there’s more but I’d have to ask the family what they are! 😛

    – Phil

    1. Hey!

      I’m… not that tall but it still happens and it makes me so mad! I also hate it when people sit ridiculously close to me. I have claustrophobia so it’s suffocating to me.
      As for looking over my shoulder, I’m short so people can easily do it. When I’m using the computer, it just annoys me. haha, mostly because they constantly ask what I’m doing.
      Exactly with the short answers! I mean, “okay”? That’s all you have to say after everything I just said?
      With interrupting, it’s fine maybe once or twice but if someone does it every few seconds I can’t stand it. Let me speak!

      I actually don’t think those are annoying, except maybe grinding your teeth. haha. I’m pretty obsessive about cleanliness too and it annoys people sometimes. Like when we’re out eating, I always have to clean the table before setting out food down.
      I’ve never heard of anyone counting and spelling words in their head! I tend to pronounce words to help me spell them such as “Wed-nes-day” or “be-a-u-tiful”.

      I’m sure we all have a ton of quirks!

      – Deirdre

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