My Favorite Boys

My Favorite Boys

I talk about my dogs way too much sometimes, but I just love them! I’m like one of those parents who constantly shows photos of them to people. I’m sure they’re annoyed by now. Oh well, right?

Anyway, the lab/pit on the left is Riley, about two years old, and the rottie is Zeus, ten months old. They look incredibly intimidating but they are the sweetest pair. At the same time, they’re amazing watch dogs. Any suspicious noise and they wake up to investigate. I’m usually terrified walking by myself but they’re great protection. Also, Riley is acts as my emotional support dog so I bring him to the mall to alleviate my anxiety.

When I moved to LA, I cried my eyes out. They stay with my brother, his fiancé, and my dad so they’re in good hands. Even so, I travel here a lot in so I can spend some time with them. I admit to actually calling my brother on Skype just so I can see them.

I know some people don’t like dogs (and if you do, we can no longer be friends), but that’s understandable if they had a scarring experience with one. And some dogs are a little insane.

Okay, I’m finished rambling about them for now.

Do you have any dogs? If so, what breed?

I tend to prefer the large breed dogs. Oh those gentle giants.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Boys

  1. Hiya Deirdre! 🙂

    They DO look intimidating! Especially Zeus! I’d feel safe with either of them. Actually, here in the UK some idiots use ‘dangerous dog’ breeds (Ones outlawed in the UK because they’re aggressive and unpredictable) as weapons to intimidate people and protect themselves. They’re second only to having a gun for some people. Sorry about that little bit of randomness, you’re mention of ‘intimidation’ brought that to my mind! lol

    I’ve never had a dog as a pet, though I always wanted one as a kid (But my Mam had a cat), a long with a few other animals! Because I couldn’t have a dog I used to play with the neighbour’s dog some times. The only real pet I ever had was Thomas the cat, he died in November 2012 (He was 17). I also had a few hamsters too as did my sister, but after getting emotionally attached to them and them then dieing, I didn’t want to have any more after that. I’d like a pet a dog, something like Zeus, but I just don’t want to feel that sense of loss.

    I hope your Monday’s been a good one for you! 🙂

    – Phil

    1. Hello!

      In the UK aren’t pit bull terriers banned? I remember watching a documentary about how some people try to sneak them into the country by pretending their a different breed or something like that. I think that was the UK.

      Aw, you couldn’t have a dog as a child? I grew up with two German Shepherds and a Doberman. But yeah, I was so attached to them so when they died, I was crushed. But eventually I found a way to adopt another dog. I volunteered at animal shelters and after a few months I finally decided to adopt one.

      My Monday actually has been pretty good except for my lack of sleep. Riley kept sensing suspicious behavior around our place and barked at them. I hope yours was well too!

      – Deirdre

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