Sit down and have some tea with me

Or you can have coffee if you want. I just prefer tea most of the time. I actually ran out of tea so I’m forced to drink coffee, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

What? You don’t like either? Then just get some kind of drink and sit down.

I’m sorry. I’m being a little pushy. I only had two hours of sleep last night. Oh, don’t worry about that. I take several catnaps throughout the day.

How’s life been going for you these days?

Mine is… alright. I’m back in San Diego now. Have you ever been to San Diego? It’s absolutely beautiful… in most parts. You now what’s strange? I don’t actually like the beach. The only time I’ll go is during bonfires at night. Last time I went, my friends and I had sandball fights… It doesn’t snow here.

I’ve probably already said this but I haven’t really been eating much these days. However, I had some ice cream yesterday – coconut in a waffle cone – with a friend. Aren’t you so proud of me? I sure am. I haven’t eaten ice cream since August of last year. It’s a baby step. And what? I went outside?! Yes, yes I did. And I didn’t burn or anything like that.

The other day, only because it was on, I watched Breaking Dawn Part II. That movie is absolutely hilarious. The dialogue itself is enough to make anyone laugh, or feel secondhand embarrassment. The part that really got me was the fact the their baby, Bellward or Renesmé or whatever, was CG. They couldn’t find a real baby to play the role? By the way, I’m really sorry if you like the Twilight series.

Anyway, that’s a mini update on my life.

While I’m here I’m going to try to do everything that I can’t do in Lancaster… which is everything because that place is a desert. If you’re ever in San Diego come find me… and I’ll be calling the police because it’s rather suspicious that you would know where I live.

Have a nice day!


7 thoughts on “Sit down and have some tea with me

  1. Your posts make me smile. Secondhand embarrassment? That is a brilliant way of describing the series all together. The CGI was pathetic for a movie with such a large budget.
    I’ve never tried coconut ice-cream before, nor have I been anywhere in the States. I need to try both. When the weather warms up I’m going to take myself to the nearest Marble Slab!

    1. haha, thanks! It’s always nice to know that I make at least one person smile (besides myself of course). But yeah, I don’t understand why the CGI was just so terrible in the movie! Like you said, they had so much money.

      Coconut ice cream is my all time favorite! I have to get it every time I go out. Even at frozen yogurt places I’ll get coconut. Taro’s also pretty good.

      If you do come to the States, you definitely have to come to California. The east coast is pretty nice too but if you’re looking for some warmth, the west is the way to go! There used to be a Marble Slab in SD but it closed down. 😦

  2. Helloooooooooooooo Deirdre! 🙂

    You know what? With me being an Englishman you’d expect me to like tea wouldn’t you? But, unlike nearly every other English person I know, I don’t care for it! I also don’t like coffee, so I’ll take a drink of flat 7up if you have any? What? You do? Awesome! 😉

    I have never been to San Diego and it’s pretty likely I never will, I just do not have the money to do that. As well as having mental health issues I also have physical ones which stop me from working, so I’m on state benefits (or what you’d call ‘Welfare’), which is rubbish by the way! However I have seen it on the TV and it looks a nice place, well, some of it does! If I’m ever in San Diego and I turn up you’d be right to be suspicious, but I’d be too afraid to stalk you because you’re very mean with a chair (From what I’ve heard)! lol

    You had some Ice-Cream? Sweet! In more ways than one! :). I haven’t had any for months but that’s because I’m not much of an Ice-cream person! I’m more of a chocolate and cakes type of person! Mmmmmmmmmmm Cheese cake *drools*. Still, not a lot but your baby steps will turn into big steps and you’ll be inhaling food like I do! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Carrot cake *Inhales it out of the fridge, through the living room door and into mouth*! <— I am that talented!

    My weeks been fine so far, I've not done much special but been keeping myself busy with keeping fit and doing studying for my Uni degree! My only issue is when I swim my swim-shorts come down in the water! Despite the fact I tie them well! 😛 I'll be getting kicked out if I swim too fast cos they'll come right down! lol

    I've never heard of breaking dawn, but if it's anything like Twilight I'll pass, I mean I'll pass it by a mile! I've only seen bits of Twilight and that was enough to make me facepalm and lose my faith in humanity!

    Anyway, good to hear you're making progress, Deirdre! Enjoy Friday and the rest of the weekend! 🙂

    – Phil

    1. Really?! No tea for you? But you know, I actually don’t have 7up. No one in my family drinks soda anymore. haha

      I haven’t been to many places so San Diego is definitely my favorite at the moment. I need to travel around the US more often. I’ve heard of a lot of good restaurants around the country so I wanna try them. But, I don’t much money either.

      By the way, I don’t know if I already asked but what do you study?

      Don’t ever ever ever ever watch those movies. haha. Every movie wastes about two hours of your life. I just found it highly amusing. Their budget was huge and yet the graphics were horrible. It was a pretty great laugh though.

      Hope you have a good weekend too!

      – Deirdre

      1. That’s OK about the 7up, I’m not supposed to be drinking it anyway! 😀

        I don’t recall you asking me what I study, so it’s OK, you didn’t forget! My degree is Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I’m currently doing the level 2 module on Politics for this year (Oct 2014 to June 2015 will be Level 2 Economics), and it’s coming along good! 🙂

        I know you’re going to Edinburgh Uni soon but I don’t recall what you will be studying! What will you be doing?

        Don’t worry, I wont be watching those films, at all! Once you see that shit you can’t unsee it! lol

        – Phil

      2. Oh! That sounds interesting. I was never into politics before but I’ve been getting more and more into it. I’ve been watching a lot of CNN these days… I have no idea why. I also heard that Philosophy is pretty tough.

        I’m actually going to study Math and Computer Science. haha, I’m more of a tech person. Math has been my favorite subject since elementary. I’m not the best writer so I can’t really do humanities.

        – Deirdre

      3. Hey Deirdre! 🙂

        I don’t watch much TV news these days, I try to get my news from various sources on the web, as getting them from 1 or even 3 main outlets can lead you to being misinformed.

        My Philosophy module was a pain! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I did it but some of the pieces we had to read were written in 17th century English or translated and they can be so damn long-winded and dry.

        Math and computer science, eh? Nice! I’m assuming you’d prefer to work in that field at some point?

        – Phil

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