Lions, Tigers, but No Bears

Happy Tuesday!

I spent the majority of the day at the San Diego Zoo and now I’m exhausted. I saw tigers, flamingoes, leopards, jaguars, capuchins, elephants, and my favorite, the arctic fox. I love that thing! It’s a little furball that just runs around. I was disappointed that he wasn’t there today.

My favorite animal is actually the incredibly stunning Arctic Wolf, but the zoo didn’t have any. They’re quite isolated so they’re not endangered from what I remember.

The tiger I used as the featured image is Shere Khan, like in the Jungle Book. He had a very Shere Khan persona to him. He kept pacing around in front of the glass. It was quite exciting! I was about four inches away from him at some points. It was an amazing experience since last time I went he was fast asleep.

Shere Khan
Shere Khan at the San Diego Zoo

I am now going to take a long nap before doing some writing. I have a nice flow of ideas today.


One thought on “Lions, Tigers, but No Bears

  1. Hiya! 🙂

    I’ve only ever been to a Zoo once and it was quiet boring at the time because the animals did nothing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Tiger, I saw some of the other larger cats, some snakes and some scary looking Alligators (Even though they were motionless and looked like logs)!

    Sorry I haven’t been around, I’ve been busy with things. Should be back to normal soon!

    Hope your week’s been a good one so far! 🙂

    – Phil

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