Yet Another Food Battle

Hello. I’m still melancholy. And I’m still sorry haven’t had a chance to catch up with my notifications and my reader. I didn’t even feel like writing today but I promised myself I would post something every single day this year. I’m not about to give up at the end of the first month.

You see that food up there? It was a spinach mushroom omelet with hollandaise sauce and two pieces of French toast. It sounded amazing. And it really was, I have to admit. I almost finished it all because I was starving. But it didn’t stay in my stomach as long as I hoped it would. 

I haven’t been eating too much the past few weeks so that suddenly large amount of food was overwhelming and I just… well, you know the rest. I’ve never actually purged in a public bathroom before but I did today. I waited for the other person to leave and then did it. I felt completely ashamed and I had to spend an extra few minutes composing myself before leaving. 

This is my entire cycle. I’ll refuse to eat for weeks, binge and purge for a few days, and then refuse to eat again. I’m half sure that I’m eating a normal amount of food but to me that’s a binge. 

It’s a sickness really.


5 thoughts on “Yet Another Food Battle

  1. Hiya Deirdre!

    Man that food looks good! I’m probably only going to have a baked potato later, and I’d rather be eating what you had! 😛

    I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re having! I hope you recover from this episode sooner rather than later!

    Hey, and don’t worry about not replying, I’ve done the same thing on my down ‘days’, only thing is my down days have last for months! Though people who followed me understood. I completely understand why you’re not so active on here, so don’t worry! Take your time, that’s if you feel up replying at all, if you don’t reply it’s fine! 🙂

    Wishing you all the best for the coming week! 🙂

    – Phil

    1. Hello!

      It was actually really good for something that was made in Ihop. Does the UK have Ihop?

      And you know what, I’m feeling bit better today so thank you! I guess it also had to do with accidentally skipping my medication the past two days. I usually take them in the morning but I’ve been sleeping in until two in the afternoon.

      I hope you have a good week as well!

      – Deirdre

      1. Hiya! :O)

        I’ve never heard of Ihop, sounds like some kind of off-shoot of the hip-hop music genre! lol

        I looked it up and no, the UK doesn’t have Ihop but we have some things like it, not sure what they’re called because I don’t use them.

        It’s good to read you’re feeling better! 🙂 Oh yeah, skipping medications will mess you up. When I miss mine I become more short tempered and withdrawn, which isn’t a good thing, and that’s just the basic feelings I get! So I fully understand how you feel!

        I sleep until late too some days! I mean, with myself I take so much medication they interact with each other and the side effect of many of them is tiredness, so I get ya on that front too, Deirdre! 🙂

        I hope you’re feeling even better today!

        – Phil

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