Dog Burritos and Metallica at the Grammy’s

Believe it or not I only woke up a few hours ago, around 8pm here in Southern California, so I slept for roughly eighteen hours. I think I really needed it because I feel somewhat better today. And I had the chance to play the piano and blow off some steam (finally!). I just wanted to thank the people who sent me supportive messages.

So, thank you… gracias, salamat, ありがとうございます、спасибо, 감사합니다, and Danke. That is all the languages that I learned the basics in, minus Tagalog and Korean. Tagalog is my native and I am quite advanced in Korean. I hope I didn’t spell any of those wrong… I’m not the best speller, even with English.

I had to bid my dogs farewell yesterday because I had to return to LA but I’ll see them again in March. I feel a bit like a military mom. I leave for a while and then come back to see them. But not really because… I’m not thousands of miles away and gone for months at a time. Riley was ridiculously cold yesterday so he wrapped himself up with the blanket. It was adorable.

Anyway, I woke up just in time to catch the Grammy’s. This is actually the first year that I watched it, well more than five minutes of it. I was quite disappointed that Justin Timberlake didn’t perform because, well, I love him. On a side note, if I ever meet him I would just love to say “hey aren’t you the guy from ‘N sync?” I hope he doesn’t hate me for that but why would he? I’m sure he loved his time in a boy band.

Also, Metallica played one of my favorite songs by them, which is One, with the amazing pianist Lang Lang. That was my favorite performance of the night because it was just amazing. And Metallica is one of my favorite heavy metal bands. It was also great to see Stevie Wonder perform with Pharrell and Daft Punk.

I didn’t actually remember what I was upset over until I started writing this… but it’s not affecting me too much. So, that’s good. It’s Monday tomorrow so I’m hoping to start the week off fresh and optimistic.

You all have a lovely week as well.


3 thoughts on “Dog Burritos and Metallica at the Grammy’s

  1. Hey heeeeeeeeeey!

    I wonder how long you’re gone in doggy time? It may seem like months to them but I’m betting they still wag their tails when you come back! 😀

    I only know and speak one language, and that’s English! And I aint so great at that! So, kudos to you for having a brain to take in all that knowledge! Though when someone is really smart like that, there’s usually one thing they’re not so good at! What’s yours? I am reaaaaaly crap at Math! I mean I can do it but I need a piece of paper to do it!

    You like Metallica? I didn’t think that would be your thing, I assumed you’d like, well, Justin Timberlake and such. I was half right! lol I don’t mind Metallica, but I prefer other metal bands to them. To each their own, eh? Oh btw, love Daft Punk, not so keen on their new album though!

    I’m going to leave you with a band I recently discovered and I love this track right now! Hope you like it!

    I hope you’re having a smashing Monday, Deirdre! :O)

    – Phil

    1. Hello!!

      Math is my best/favorite subject (which you probably would’ve guessed since that’s half my studies). I’m actually really bad at English grammar and spelling. You have no idea how many times I have to spell check. haha. I like most subjects except for English Language.

      And yes! I just love a lot of different genres of music. My iPod is a complete mess! One minute I’ll be listening to Led Zeppelin but another I’ll be listening to Bruno Mars and then Tchaikovsky. haha, I don’t have country though… I draw the line at that.

      Thanks! I’ll check it ou!

      – Deirdre

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