Fairy Lights

I spent most of the day studying, playing the piano, and redecorating my room! They were nice little distractions since I’ve been feeling a bit down lately.

You see that collage on my wall? Those are all letters and photos that my friends sent me and we took together respectively. With all these memories on the wall, no wonder I tend to get a little sad sometimes. I also have a little over a hundred notes that my friends and I used to write each other since the seventh grade. I’ve wanted to let go of them for so long but I just don’t have the heart to.

I don’t know. Is it time to let go?

They all have so much sentimental value and I’m afraid I’m going to regret throwing them all away.


7 thoughts on “Fairy Lights

  1. Hi Deidre! 🙂

    Those fairy lights look really good! I wanted to do something similar in my bedroom but I’d get really annoyed real fast having to keep putting new bulbs in when they burn out! Do you sleep with those on at night?

    As for your letters and photos, you certainly don’t have to throw them away. Though I’m not sure taking them down would make you feel better. Maybe you could take them down and store them a while, see how you feel without them. If you feel no different you may as well put them back up. 🙂

    – Phil

    1. Hey!

      I actually do! I programmed a timer so it’s on from 11PM to 3AM. They’re just really nice to look at. haha, I’m hoping they won’t burn out for a while.

      Yeah, I just really like them on the wall. I guess it kind of reminds me to contact those people every once in a while!

      – Deirdre

    1. That’s so true! I really regretted destroying some of the memories back when I was really depressed a few years ago. haha, I shouldn’t make decisions when I’m sad.

      – Deirdre

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