The Video Game Club?

Response to Daily Prompt: BFFs

Since I’m such a rebel, I’m going to break the rules  a little bit so I can talk about a group of people rather than just a single one.

Have you ever watched The Breakfast Club? If you haven’t then… you really don’t have to watch it if you want to. But my friendship with these five other people was similar in a way that we didn’t have much in common. We all knew each other from the seventh grade, but never really took the time to hang out. I in particular knew who they all were separately but rarely did they all interact.

The summer right before high school, we suddenly became the best of friends. And it actually did happen over the span of a few hours because we were all at the same party. Yes, I went to a party… granted it was one that was based around playing video games.

Then the next four years were filled with campouts, movie theaters, hide-and-seek in the dark, Guitar Hero, sleepovers, Super Smash Bros, all-nighters, 7-11, group projects, truth-or-dare in the middle of the road, walking miles to the mall, riding bicycles, Bleach, movie nights, Fuddruckers, La Bella, pizza, Legend of Zelda, sitting in the garage, nap times in the middle of the day, ice skating, Christmas parties, singing obnoxiously loud, Death Note, and stupid decisions.

These people were my first real friends and it was just amazing to have that one group of people you can count on.

The reason why I can openly say what I want to, why I don’t care if others think I’m strange, and why I’m much more outside of my shell… is this group. In high school, it seems like there’s so much to worry about regarding image. That affected me a lot (ahem, eating disorder and depression) but when I was with them none of that ever mattered. I knew they liked me not because of how I looked but because of who I was.

During my manic and depressive episodes, I treated them so horribly. I lashed out, I ignored them, I refused to spend any time with them, and I played with their feelings. I hate thinking back on it now… But despite all of that, they stuck with me.

We’ve been drifting apart the past few years since graduation, but I do talk to some of them every once in a while. Some of them visited me while I was in the hospital. When I was in Berkeley, one of them went to SFSU and we visited each other. Just last week, I hung out with another. And I see them all every year at the Christmas Party.

Maybe it’s just me but I notice a little twinge of excitement when we all see one another. We all still talk to each other like no time has ever passed. I love it.

I know it’s wrong but I always seem to compare my newer friends to this group, plus more of my friends from middle school. It’s just… since then I haven’t met another person I can be my complete goofy, crass, and immature self with.

But I’m sure I will sometime in the future.


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