Puppy Kisses and BSL

I said I wouldn’t talk about my dogs for a while but I really can’t help it. They actually are my best friends. By the way, some people think this is gross but I kiss my dogs all the time. They’re are just such teddy bears! Unless you mess with someone in our family… except for Zeus. He will probably attack an intruder by licking them to death. He is the most gentle rottweiler you will ever meet. Well, he still thinks he’s thirty pounds (he’s actually ninety at the moment and still growing) and will sit on you if he gets the chance.

I guess I was thinking about them when I was reading about all these dogs saving their owners from burglaries and attacks and so on. On a side note, I’ve always wanted to have a ranch so I can have shelter dogs run around. I just have a soft spot for them, okay?! Anyway, this prompted me to search up BSL (breed-specific legislations).

It upsets me a little (a lot) that pit bulls are banned in so many countries. I don’t consider any breed in whole “dangerous” because any dog from any breed can be dangerous. Have you seen Dog Whisperer? Labradors, considered an amazing family dog, can be aggressive. I’ve also encountered quite a few aggressive chihuahuas, which by the way is one of the few breeds of dogs I don’t like. One had taken out a portion of Riley’s ear.

Of course, dangerous is different from aggressive. If a small dog like a chihuahua bites you it doesn’t do as much damage as a more powerful breed such as a rottweiler or a pit bull. So I do understand why the latter is discriminated against so often.

I’ve said this so many times but I’m going to say it again anyway. It’s not the breed’s fault; it’s the owner’s. There needs to be some kind of special license or exam or something like that in order for someone to own a dog, especially the larger, more powerful breeds. But really, have you met a pit bull or rottweiler or German shepherd with a responsible owner? They are the sweetest things. The pit bulls I’ve met are so affectionate.

I’ve volunteered in various animal shelters and rescues and I’ve seen some pretty amazing rehabilitations from dogs who have encountered abuse and neglect. But to be fair I have seen some who were just too scarred from their past. It’s quite upsetting. My dad thinks I shouldn’t volunteer with rescues because I cry too much about the dogs.

That’s really just my opinion on the matter of BSLs.

Happy Friday!



6 thoughts on “Puppy Kisses and BSL

  1. Don’t stop talking about your dogs they are so cute! I have a friend who had a dog, and she sad that the dog was a little sister to her. I want that kind of a relationship with my future dog. It’s kind of sad, but I feel like a dog will never leave you, judge you on your clothing, or ditch you for a new owner. They are the most loyal of friends! I want a husky. An albino husky. Is that weird?

    1. I completely agree about how loyal dogs can be. When I was a volunteer there was this golden retriever who was constantly looking for her owner. It was so touching.

      I really hope you get that albino husky someday! I actually think they’re really beautiful. Well, all huskies are so pretty in my opinion. I want a husky someday too, but not in this SoCal climate. haha.

  2. Hiya Deirdre! 😀

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! (^_^) Too much cuteness in one place! The Universe may now just collapse in on itself! 😉

    I have to disagree with you here, Deirdre, I think some breeds of dog are more naturally aggressive than others. It’s an attribute that has been bred out of most dogs since they were domesticated from Grey Wolves 1000s of years ago. In fact this can be seen in modern day huskies who are not so far removed from Wolves as other breeds have been over in Europe and further afield.

    However, I do believe, as you do, that some animals are just a product of their environment. If they were brought up to be violent or treated badly by Humans then that’s not fair, it’s a shame they have to die because of that. However, there is some wild centres/areas where they can roam free if they can’t be domesticated again, though these are few and far between. Under circumstances where people have abused or hurt their animals I’d like to see those people who did that to be banned from not just owning Dogs again but any animal at all! Why should they have their animals confiscated or go to prison then be able to come back out again and abuse animals?

    Oh, and why can’t you keep writing about your Doggies? It’s your blog, write about them as much as you feel you want! 🙂

    All the best, man!

    – Phil

    1. Hey!

      Well, to each his own! I guess I can agree that some dogs are naturally more aggressive by nature such as the Chow Chow or yes, the Husky since they’re still closely related to the wolf. But I still believe that it has to do with the correct breeding of the dogs. There are some pretty terrible breeders out there who are just in it for the money and don’t care too much about the health and temperament of the dogs. The responsible breeders out there are knowledgable on the particular breed and know how certain things will affect the outcome of the litter. By the way, the wolf hybrid is an exception. I believe those can be highly dangerous since they still have a lot of the wolf characteristics in them and they’re meant to be wild hunters.

      And yes! I think those people who have abused some kind of animal shouldn’t be able to own another. Some people use dogs, especially the pitbull, for purely inhumane reasons such as dog fighting. Some even get their dogs killed because they force them to attack others, most often the police, if they’re in some kind of trouble.

      haha, I will forever keep writing about my dogs. They’re just my favorite things in the world. I can’t wait to go back to San Diego to see them again.

      Have a good weekend!

      – Deirdre

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