Sisters: You Love ‘Em, You Hate ‘Em

Song of the Day: Best Song Ever by One Direction

My youngest sister loves this song and One Direction in general. That may just be my fault… Ahem. But she calls them “Ay Woosh” for some odd reason.

Anyway, the two lovely people in the photo are my younger sisters: Nadire, who’s 16, and Keira, who just turned 2. By the way, my brother’s name is Josh. How unfair is that?

Nadire looks a lot like me, as you can see. People actually think we’re twins despite our four-year age gap.

Ever since I could remember, I we had to share a room. That was alright until I turned fifteen and I wanted my own space. I was not fond of her being around all the time and secretly “borrowing” my clothes. I know, I’m such a girl.

I never actually appreciated her until I left for university when I was 18 and I finally had my own space. I missed her and managed to call her every once in a while just to check up on her. I was in “big sister” mode when I was away from her since she was starting high school, which can be pretty cruel at times. While I’m on leave from university I’m living with her – in separate rooms – and we get along quite well.

We turn into thirteen-year-old girls while we’re together. We blast the Backstreet Boys, laugh at old cartoons, we fight over video games, we play in kiddy playgrounds, and just do whatever we did as children.  I’m almost sure we annoy everyone around us. Eh, who cares?

Me and my “twin” sister, Nadire

I guess what I’m trying to say is that being an older sister is difficult. I have to deal with two younger sisters who know exactly what to do to get on my nerves. But that’s the whole part of the job. I used to hate it but these days I love having this responsibility. I have the opportunity to influence them in a way that no one had ever done for me.

I have this tendency to “adopt” so to say younger children as my quasi-siblings. I just want to try to do everything I can to help them. I’m actually going to volunteer at the local Children’s Center in the next week or two! I don’t know… I love being an older sister. It comes with so many responsibilities but it’s so rewarding.

Out on the sundeck!

3 thoughts on “Sisters: You Love ‘Em, You Hate ‘Em

  1. I have two younger sisters as well, fifteen and five. Being a big sister is difficult because you have the power to influence young minds which s scary but amazing. When my mom got pregnant with my youngest sister I didn’t see how she could fit into our family, but now I can’t imagine it without her. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I want to scream, but then there are days where I feel blessed to have siblings that get on my nerves.

    1. Oh definitely! It’s a tough job since you do have to think about how your actions are going to influence them. I was the same with my youngest sister. I was a little turned off by it because I thought having one sister was already pretty trying. But, like you, I can’t imagine life without her.

      Are you the eldest? I have one brother who’s just a year older than me. He’s definitely the one who has the most responsibility.

      1. I have an older brother too, he’s four years older, and like yours, he has the most responsibility. I can’t imagine what it is like to be responsible for three younger sisters.

        I owe a lot of my interests to my big brother.

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