Lark? Nope, I’m an Owl.

Many people I know mistake my daytime sluggishness to plain old laziness when in fact it’s just because I’m a complete night owl.

My productivity level multiplies by about ten once the clock passes 5PM because it’s natural for me to work after the sun sets. But at the same time I can reprogram quickly if need be and wake up early in the morning. I wouldn’t like it but I’ll do it (ahem, school). That’s why I loved the fact that I mostly got to choose my own schedule during university.

By the way I’ve read that being a night owl is genetic and not the result of poor sleeping habits. So really, who can blame a night owl for falling asleep in an 8AM class? Okay, now I’m just trying to justify the reason I fell asleep in my computer science lab once. But actually I could only concentrate on the assignments in the middle of the night. Programmers, you know what I’m talking about right? And sometimes it’s because I was watching Dragonball Z…

There’s a good portion of my family who are early birds and they always tell me that it’s not good for me to be sleeping so late. But why should I go to sleep during my peak productivity hours? I can get things done in the morning but not as much as I can during the middle of the night. My memory is sharper, I’m more creative, and I have all of my energy.

I’m not condoning sleeping in the early hours of the day. I’m just saying that that’s how I am. Obviously there are some downsides. There are days when I’m just so inspired that I forget to go to sleep, which now that I think of it could have something to do with my bipolarity, and throw off my circadian rhythm. And that leads to lethargy which leads to depression which… you get the point.

In case you’re wondering, I sleep at around 5 or 6 AM and wake up around 11PM. 

Well my fellow night owls, I have to wake up in less than five hours so I should go to sleep early tonight. Don’t worry, morning larks, I still like you. We just don’t have as much time to spend together.

Good Morning. Good Night.


2 thoughts on “Lark? Nope, I’m an Owl.

  1. Hiya Deirdre!

    You know what? I’m a night-owl as well! I have been since I was 16, though in the last 3 years I’ve tried to ‘fix’ my sleeping pattern and it’s been more or less ‘fixed’, though I do tend to have wonky sleeping patterns now and again, like now actually. I’ll be going to sleep around 3am my time and getting up around 11am or 12pm, then most likely fall asleep again for 2 hours later in the afternoon! I’ve been told by a fellow night owl not to fight it, but I have to, otherwise I miss out on getting to appointments, seeing family and exercise at the local pool!

    Like yourself, I am more productive at night! Man! I did my whole first year of studying and essays/reports at night and it was no issue, there was no one around to bother me and I took more of it in. These days it’s difficult since I switched to day time! And yeah, I get sort of ‘wired’ after 5 or 6pm too!

    Like yourself I believe it’s something to do with illnesses, not just the depression, OCD and anxiety but the Ulcerative Colitis as well and the medication for them all! But it’s just the way I am I suppose, even if it annoys me!

    – Phil :O)

    1. Hey!

      I’ve always preferred sleeping in the middle of the night which obviously caused some problems at school. Let’s just say I never got perfect attendance. During my last year, I would sleep from 3AM – 5:30AM, and then 1PM – 4PM. haha, I never slept very much.

      I don’t know. I TRY to concentrate in the afternoon but I just really can’t. Since I’m always drowsy at that time. I have a pretty short attention span anyway and that coupled with my lethargy just wasn’t good for studying or doing any kind of work.

      – Deirdre

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