Don’t Expect Me to Make My Bed

Response to Daily Prompt: Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves

Wiping windows? Whatever. Vacuuming? Sure. Washing the Dishes? I do that anyway.

I actually don’t mind cleaning and organizing. I have certain ways that I have to have everything: my hanged clothes have to be arranged by sleeve length and color, and facing the same direction; my books have to be in alphabetical order; and my writing utensils have to be separated accordingly.

But making my bed every morning?


I take regular cat naps throughout the day so there’s really no point in me doing it if I’m going to mess it up again anyway. Also, my bed is against the corner of the room and it’s a lot more difficult to fix the sheets. Not only that, but I have four covers: a cotton blanket, two fleece, and a thick comforter. They have to be in a specific order, fixed in a specific way…

If I do make my bed, I end up sleeping on top of the covers using a single fleece, the one that rests on top of the comforter, as a cover. It doesn’t matter how cold I am; I will wear three pairs of pajama pants and four sweaters if I have to. When I do decide to finally use my actual covers, I won’t make my bed for a while and the cycle starts.

Another thing that I hate doing is putting my clothes away. Wait, let me start by saying I hate doing laundry in the first place. I will wait until I don’t have any underwear to wear the next day. I can reuse clothes that are in the hamper since I use those for a few hours at a time anyway, but I’m not going to reuse underwear. I’m not that kind of person. Seriously, one day I really didn’t want to do my laundry, so I just went out and bought some new underwear instead.

*slow clap*

When I finally do do my laundry, I will dump all of my clothes on my unmade bed until I either feel like putting them away or wear them.

Oh look; it’s 3PM. It’s nap time… on my unmade bed.


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