Tea Time: Hair Colors and Fun Facts

I like to know arbitrary things about people and so I thought that someone out there would want to know some random facts about me. No? Well, that’s too bad. I’m going to ramble on anyway.

  • It has been six years since I had my natural hair color. It went from dark brown to black to light brown to pink to black to pink to black to light brown to dark brown to medium light brown to medium brown to light ash brown, which is what it is right now.
  • I played tennis in high school; I got hit in the eye and ran into one of the players.
  • I quit tennis to pursue Tae Kwon Do, and ended getting my red belt. Yes, I will kick your –
  • In the third grade, I threw rocks at some boys who made fun of me. I was written up.
  • I’ve been playing the piano for about fourteen years.
  • I like glass jars, especially mason jars. I have too many now.
  • I have a mason jar full of folded starts to remind myself the reasons why I’m awesome whenever I forget.
  • I saw Eric Clapton live when I was in middle school and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to.
  • I went to a One Direction concert in 2012 with my sister… because I love(d) Liam Payne.
My One Direction ticket. No judgement allowed.
  • I’ve watched all six Star Wars movies at least nine times each.
  • My all time favorite band is Led Zeppelin with my favorite song of theirs being Heartbreaker.
  • I love math, with any type of calculus being my favorite and statistics being my least favorite.
  • For a moment I thought I put “I love meth”, which isn’t true…
  • My favorite video game series is The Legend of Zelda.
  • I can speak the basics of Spanish, Russian, Korean, and Japanese.
  • I am currently learning German.
  • I’ve always wanted to live in Iceland, Australia, Austria, or Switzerland. Don’t know why. I just do.

So what are some random facts about you?


11 thoughts on “Tea Time: Hair Colors and Fun Facts

  1. WOW the basics of four languages, martial arts, a million hair changes, and 14 yrs of piano seems like you enjoy new things.

    My random facts like 10

    1. I want to make enough money just to travel around the world
    2. I can only hear out of one ear.
    3. I vogue as part of my hobby
    4. I talk a whole lot, like serious a lot.
    5. I used to be scared of every single thing until I was about 20
    6. I got kicked out of college then joined another
    7. I work in a low budget community tv station
    8. I come off sarcastic and sometimes insensitive
    9. I take Bikram yoga classes
    10. I found my new love for writing.

    1. haha like I said before, I like variety in my life.

      I wanna make enough money to travel as well! Sometimes I wish I was a trust fund baby so I could just travel without worrying about money. But it’s not fulfilling to use my parents’ money all the time.

      Voguing as a hobby? That sounds pretty amazing. Oh, and I talk a lot too, trust me. I’ll talk a lot to certain people but not everyone. I have a lot to say! But, like you, I can come off as insensitive because I’m really sarcastic. It’s difficult for others to tell when I’m joking. I’m sure you’ve had similar problems.

      I’ve always wanted to take yoga! Well, pilates but I guess that’s similar. Is it as relaxing as they say? I could sure use some relaxation.

      I think it’s great that you found out you love writing! I didn’t realize it for a while that I loved it too.

      Thanks for your comment! You’re a really interesting person! That’s not sarcastic at all… Neither is that last comment.

      – Deirdre

  2. Interesting stuff, Deirdre! 🙂

    Like yourself I’ve seen all the Star Wars films, I’ve seen the original 3 more times than I can remember, but only seen the recent 3 prequels 4 or 5 times each. I’m assuming you’re looking forward to seeing the new one coming out in 2015? I’m a little worried about it as Disney now own the rights to it and they’re going to make it crap!

    Which sister did you go with to the 1D concert (You have 2 if I remember correctly)? Your teenage sister doesn’t look the ‘type’ to like such a band, neither do you actually! lol But, you like what ya like!

    Red belt? In Karate that’s a starter belt, I’m assuming it’s different in Tae kwon do? You’ll kick my arse, yeah? Come at meh, bro!

    Okay, here’s some of mine:

    1. Because you started with hair… I was light blonde-haired until I was 12, my hair is now light brown (Natural), with a sort of blonde halo in Summer.
    2. I have 5 scars on my head, of which I only remember getting 3 of. Those were by A. falling off a van; B. having a roofing slate dropped on my head; and C. Glass thrown at me.
    3. Talking of bumps, I once went down a very steep hill on a bike when I was 12 and ended up flying through the air and into the tree canopy, fell through it and then hit the grass, with the bike landing on top of me.
    4. I’m purposely unsociable quite a lot.
    5. I like gardening and growing things.
    6. I’m creative in general.
    7. If I wasn’t stopped by bad health I would have become a pro-wrestler.
    8. I’m hyper extendable.
    9. I missed all of high-school because of illness and left school with no certificates/awards, despite this I’m now doing a University course.
    10. I love Sci-fi and horror films (The Walking Dead FTW!).
    11. I dislike reality TV and celebrities intensely.
    12. I want to try and change the world for the better, even if it’s just at a local level.
    13. I don’t think I have a favourite band but I like ‘New Order’ a lot.
    14. I love the music from the old Sega games, like Sonic, Streets of Rage 2 and Ristar.
    15. My all time fave game is Streets of Rage 2.
    16. I’m not a typical guy, in that I don’t like Football (Sacrilege in the UK), talking crap to mates in the pub/club, drink to destruction on a regular basis, chase women like a drunken puppy around a club/pub and sleeping with any woman who shoes interest drunk or otherwise (Apparently I’m ‘old fashioned’ because of this, but I just see it as completely impersonal).
    17. I’m not, or don’t ‘feel’, very ‘English’ (Except for my accent), I don’t like tea, the sun and nor do I talk with a standard English accent.
    18. My ancestry is English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish.
    19. I have Ginger facial hair if I let it grow.
    20. Despite having an older brother (2 years older) I am the tallest in the immediate and extended family at 6ft3 (My brother doesn’t like that fact lol).

    Hope you enjoyed my nonsense! 🙂

    – Phil

    1. Thanks!

      I’m not really sure about the new Star Wars coming out though. I’m a little skeptical about it but I guess we’ll see how that one turns out.

      haha, I went with my the sister who was fourteen at the time! My youngest sister wasn’t even born yet.

      In TKD red belt is just before black! So yes, it’s a lot higher. I’m like 5′ 2″ but I’m pretty tough. haha but you’re a whole foot taller than me so…

      That’s a lot of scars. I think I only have two: one from a dog’s nail digging into my thigh and another on my eyebrow when I got hit with a metal door.

      Pro-wrestler?! That’s exciting. I would want to be a pilot buuuut I’m too short anyway. haha.

      Well, I’m not a typical “teenager” either. I’ve been called an old soul a lot because of my preference to stay at home to read and write rather than go out and socialize. Hey, I don’t really mind.

      haha, I don’t know much about the English but I DO know they’re into their football so I guess you aren’t a typical English guy.

      Thanks for the reply!

      – Deirdre

      1. “Skeptical” THAT was the word I was looking for last night when I wrote that comment about Star Wars! (>_<)! But yeah, I agree with ya!

        It doesn't matter how short you are, you could drop a bloke my size with a well-placed punch or kick. I briefly went to Karate, before my illnesses put and end to it, and my Sensei was short and thin, like 5ft6 or so, but he could have dropped me alone!

        They're the scars on my head, I have others elsewhere! lol I had a dermoid cyst removed from my mouth and neck that left scars inside my mouth and on my neck.

        You got hit with a door? Were you play pro-wrestling at the time? 😉 I think the issue of you being pilot is not that you're too short, you could always use a booster seat, right? I think it's more to do with you being bipolar, not a good mix really is it? You and plane? I'm not being mean or funny when I say that either! 🙂

        "Well, I’m not a typical “teenager” either" Um, not sure, but I think you may have assumed I was a teenager! lol I'm far from it, I was 30 last December! I feel oooold! 😛 But you don't seem like a typical girl in your age group, you seem to be older in mind. You're 20 right? You're same age as my youngest sister, she's sort of like you too in the 'old head' regard.

        I really don't like football! lol In school I'd rather play 'rounders', a sort English version of baseball, than play football. It was so boring! lol

        – Phil 🙂

      2. Haha no I knew you weren’t a teenager! I was just saying that like you, I’m not similar to my age group. That was a syntactic error on my part.

        And no, I hit my head on a metal door when I tried to open it. haha, it was heavy!

        And as for being a pilot, even if I didn’t have a mental illness I wouldn’t be able to because of height. No booster seats allowed.

        – Deirdre

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