Serenades and Cheesy Lines

Do you remember back in elementary school when everyone in the class would exchange valentines? The teacher would give you a list of names of all the students so no one would feel left out when it was time to hand out all the cards. The valentines were those small, square cards with a photo of Spongebob or Hello Kitty or any other popular children’s character. I personally liked the candy with the cheesy lines. My favorite is still “you stole a piece of my heart” on the Reece’s Pieces.

When high school came along, I automatically didn’t receive a valentine from others. Obviously… I would simply watch others exchange roses and chocolate and bears, and I would feel a little left out. It made it seem like if you didn’t have a valentine that day then you were just a sad, lonely loser. I remember a girl in art class asking me with a slight smirk on her face, “Don’t you have any valentines?” God, high school was so cruel.

Actually, one year one of my friends bought me a serenade and so this guy came into my Japanese class and sang me “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” What are you supposed to do when someone serenades you? Look him in the eye? He was staring right at me and I didn’t know what to do! It was a little awkward but I’m sure it was a hoot for everyone else watching. But it helped that I loved that song.

This past year in 2013, I actually had a pretty great night. I was living in a house full of students, both domestic and international, and we all just spent the night hanging out in the den. We made pasta, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cookies; and drank some wine. It was so much fun.

I know Valentine’s Day is a time when some of the single people out there feel a bit dejected but don’t. Go spend some time with your other single friends; it’s be fun. And if you don’t have even one single friend you can be like me and spend it blogging, playing video games, and sleeping… because I’ve been waking up too early this week. Yes, 9AM is too early for me.

Oh, and if you have a significant other, have fun that night! Make sure you do something for or give him/her something nice. My younger sister was asking me what to give her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know but usually for guys you can never go wrong with food, right?


3 thoughts on “Serenades and Cheesy Lines

  1. Oh my god! You just brought the valentines day memories back! lol

    Yeah, I remember this, all too well! The teacher gave us the names so no one would feel left out either. But when we got to about 10, the teacher giving us names stopped in our Primary school, after that, it was a let down! I got none! LOL! But when I was about 11 or 12 it stopped, people were too ‘cool’ to be seen giving valentine cards! Not sure what happened in High school though cos I was ill through most of it! 😛

    You got serenaded in class? LOL! That would’ve been fun to watch! Awww man! Hey, at least you’ve been serenaded, I aint! lol

    Cards don’t mean anything to me really. I don’t believe you have to have a day to show the one you love how much you love them, which I think you’ll agree with! :O)

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your day, Deirdre, no matter what you did! (^_^)

    All the best, Mate!

    – Phil

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