Being a Child Again

I’ve been in a listen-to-sad-songs-in-the-dark-and-cry kind of mood lately and so I mustered up the energy to take my two-year-old sister to her first gymnastics class.

For that whole hour I had so much fun. Since Keira, my sister, would only do the exercises if did them, I had to go through the several obstacle courses a few times. Mind you; this is a class for two-year-olds and I looked like a complete fool crawling through the two feet diameter tunnels. I’m really small at 5’2″ so I never really have problems fitting into children’s rides and play areas.

The rest of the toddlers there had their parents and they just thought I was the most hilarious thing ever because it seemed like I was one of the kids. Well, I mean, I only have three feet on them so… By the way, I was the only one who slipped and fell. The entire place was covered in foam mats and I just happened to fall on the concrete. I’m really not the most coordinate person.

A lovely photo of me.
A lovely photo of me.

Like I said, I’ve been a bit depressed lately and all I’ve been doing is sleeping to sad songs. I know that just perpetuates depression but I can’t help it, so I really needed this childhood experience. Don’t you remember when you were a young child? You had absolutely no worries… In reality I do have a lot resting on my shoulders but when my inner child manifests, the worries disappear because it’s like I’m an actual child again.

It’s why I love swing sets, and slides, and rolling down hills, and stuffed animals, and watching cartoons, and etc etc. It’s why I think it’s okay to allow my inner child to take over every once in a while. I don’t even care if there are others around. I will belt out that Backstreet Boys song if I hear it or laugh at Disney Channel shows. Too many people, especially ones who are around my age, are so focused on their image and get lost in the person they want others to see them as.

I admit that there was a period of time when I was terrified of being thought of as ‘lame’ or ‘a loser’ but as I grew older I found out that it was okay. Who are they to judge who’s ‘normal’? That’s so subjective. To me, my friends and I are ‘normal’; to others, we’re ‘nerds’. But hey, we have fun in any and all situations because we are who we are.

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4 thoughts on “Being a Child Again

  1. This made me smile. Inappropriate behaviour is always appropriate when you’re a child (or acting like one). Whenever I pick up my little sister from school we always run to the park and swing on the swing set. I remember when I was a child I used to run up the slides, but now I just get stuck. But it’s still fun!

    1. I love(d) running up slides! We have a playground in the backyard and I do that all the time… mostly because no one will stop me. That slide is supposed to be for my sister but it’s so steep that I actually land about a foot or so away from the edge of the slide.

  2. Awwwwwwwwww you both look so cute! (^_^)

    I’ve had those times you talk of, though I didn’t tend to listen to depressing songs, I tried to listen to something happy or aggressive, like Brit pop, Ska or Metal. They usually make me feel better! I’d suggest some tracks but I don’t think you’d like them! But… I’ll post them anyway!

    1. James – ‘Sit Down’
    2. The Specials – ‘Enjoy yourself’
    3. Hatebreed – ‘Perseverance’

    Obviously these are just suggestions, you don’t have to listen or like them if you’re not interested, I know how condescending it can be when people tell you to listen to, or do something ‘Happy’ when you’re low.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been a little depressed though, Deirdre!

    I act like a kid myself sometimes, my Mam looks after her friend’s 4 year-old daughter and sometimes you can’t help it. It was a sight when I tried to ride her little pink bike! lol! You fell over? LOL! Would be nice to have video or pictorial evidence, but I suppose imaging it will have to do! 😉

    Hope you’re feeling a little better! :O)

    – Phil

    1. Hello!

      I actually do have my ‘happy’ playlist. It’s filled with the Beach Boys, Hall and Oats, the Temptations, and a bunch of other oldies. haha. My favorite is always ‘Wouldn’t it Be Nice’ but the Beach Boys. That song always lifts my mood. And I’ll make sure to listen to those songs sometime!

      And yes, I slipped and fell. The kids made fun of me. Gosh, they’re cruel.

      – Deirdre

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