Dear Stranger, I Care

Yet another reason why I love blogging is the feeling of being connected to someone you don’t even know somewhere in this world. When someone follows my blog I immediately think, “Hey! This person cares about my life!” and so I take the time to find out who they are (not in a creepy way, I swear). I haven’t done so in a while since I have some exams coming up, one of them being an oral for German so… I haven’t had the time to connect with my fellow bloggers.

Anyway if and when I read about someone’s struggles I immediately develop this emotional investment for that person, even if I hadn’t even found out his or her name yet. Sometimes I’ll play an active role and share my own thoughts but these days I’ve been in the background just… observing and hoping things turn out alright for this stranger I’ve never spoken to. It’s just how I am and I’m sure a lot of others who blog on a regular basis feel the same way.

That simple ‘like’ button is quite powerful. In a way… it’s letting us know that someone out there is listening and that’s all we really want in the end, right?

At least that’s all I truly want.

By the way, I’m in no way implying you need to click that button. I try not to live by the numbers. It’s a little difficult since I study math and computer science, isn’t it? On a side note, if you need help with math just ask. Single/multivariable calculus is my favorite! Don’t judge me.

Moving on…

Believe it or not, stranger, as insane as it sounds I really do care how you’re doing.

No one deserves to feel like they’re alone.

I’ve been there but… since I started writing in this blog regularly and finding others who have gone or are going through similar situations that feeling is slowly but surely fading away.


9 thoughts on “Dear Stranger, I Care

      1. oh,i see. Good Luck to you!
        CompSci course is a bit hard but really interesting to study. 😀

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