Not All Those Who Wander Is Lost

Response to the Daily Post: The Wanderer

lot of the things on my bucket list involve traveling to various cities around the world. Alas, for the prompt I may only choose five…

Vienna, Austria
  1. Vienna, Austria: I’ve heard Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and Austria in general is at the top of my “Countries I Would Like to Visit” list. My German is… alright so I may be able to get around without too much trouble. But I’m learning a different dialect of German so… I guess I will have a little trouble understanding the Austrians. Well, I wanna visit the country anyway. Anyone from Austria?
  2. Perth, Australia: At least I chose one country where I speak the language… I’m a product of Southern California so I’m most at home in the sun. I’m gonna cheat a little and say that while I’m here I might as well say I wanna visit Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. I also heard people here are really nice. Is that true?
  3. Zürich, Switzerland: Another German-speaking country! The featured photo in this post is actually Zürich. I’ve heard and read Swiss German and it’s just… completely different from what I’ve learned so I know I’ll have trouble here. Nonetheless, I heard it’s a beautiful city… with very cold winters. I’m actually hoping to study here for a bit.
  4. St Petersburg, Russia: I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I actually studied the Russian language for a year while I was in Berkeley and I was about to study in St. Petersburg but then there was that whole thing with my mental health and blah blah blah. So I ended up not going… One of my housemates in Berkeley was a student from Moscow and he told me that the summers in St. Petersburg are beautiful because of the White Nights.
  5. Kyoto, Japan: I took two years of Japanese in high school and I remember a little more than half of what I learned. I can have a pretty decent conversation but I can’t really read Kanji (the Chinese characters) so that would hinder me a little. I want to visit this city during winter and spring especially. And I would love to visit the various temples and gardens that are there. Oh, and let’s not forget about the authentic Japanese food… I guess I should brush up on my Japanese then.

I think I’m going to publish this quickly before I change my mind because there are just so many cities I want to visit. I’ve even started a Pinterest board for them.

On a similar note, I really like airports. Is that strange?

(Image Source: Flickr)


10 thoughts on “Not All Those Who Wander Is Lost

  1. St. Petersburg is a really great city. I highly recommend visiting it, especially in June. Because of the white nights, as you pointed out.
    How about Berlin?

    1. Yeah I’ve seen photos and it’s so beautiful. Since I wasn’t able to go last summer maybe the next one. It’s something I really wanna experience.

      Oh definitely Berlin! Five just wasn’t enough. Haha

  2. I’m hoping to study in St Gallens in Switzerland next summer! Would love to travel to Zurich as well even though I don’t understand a word of German! ><

    Sounds like a good thing that you've taken up foreign languages in school actually, it makes travelling so much easier haha! Damn, not a language person myself hahah!

    1. Haha that’s awesome! Studying about road is always exciting. But I’m sure after a few weeks in Switzerland you’ll be speaking like a pro!

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