Without music, life would be a mistake

Response to Daily Prompt: Teenage Idol

I’m twenty-years-old at the moment and technically I was a ‘teenager’ just last year. But like a regular teenager, my idols constantly changed.

Since I was around twelve or thirteen, I idolized Jimi Hendrix. I am not joking when I say that I wrote three reports about him: one in 8th grade, one in 9th, and one in 10th. I even made this whole ballad for him. On a side note, I really want to find that. It’s somewhere in my external hard drive. I mean I really do think that’s he’s amazing. I still remember his life story. His first ‘guitar’ was his broom, then a one-string ukulele. He re-strung an acoustic guitar because he was left-handed. It’s just… mind-blowing. If you need a little inspiration, read his biography.

Led Zeppelin

I simultaneously loved Led Zeppelin (still do, actually), so much so that I wished I was alive during the 60’s and so forth just to watch them. I still have every single one of their albums as well as several concert DVD’s. Their sound, their lyrics, their everything… I love it all. Zeppelin is actually one of the first bands I listened to when I was much younger because my dad was a really big fan. They’re the main reason I began playing the piano. I mean I started off with the guitar, because I think Jimmy Page is absolutely amazing, but I prefered the piano. I learned a portion of Stairway to Heaven by ear.

Both Zeppelin and Hendrix led me to discover a variety musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, the Who, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, the Eagles, and etc. You know, all those popular musicians way back when I wasn’t even born. I actually love all types of music, except for country… I’m sorry but I just can’t…

Music to me is just something that makes sense when nothing else seems to. When I play the piano especially, the rest of the world no longer exists. All of my problems seem to disappear. It sounds a little cheesy but if you love doing something – anything really – when you do it, that’s all you think about. Sometimes, some manic symptoms manifest and my mind becomes this huge mess of thoughts so it’s good to have something to alleviate all of that.


12 thoughts on “Without music, life would be a mistake

  1. Never thought john paul jones got enough credit in the band. It makes sense when one of the all time greatest guitarists and drummers are in the band. But I always dug his versality on top of his bass parts. Seemed like he could play any instrument put in front of him.

  2. Listening to music is one of the most healing things you can do. I love all these old bands too, and I Was around when they were popular and current. In fact I just heard a story on Led Zeppelin on NPR this morning. They’re still going…And they all still Rock! 🙂

    1. You’re so lucky! Did you manage to see any of them in concert? Haha. I remember Zeppelin played several years ago in the UK I think… I definitely wish I got to experience their concert.

  3. I am a music lover and hobbyist musician as well. All these bands were what I was listening to as my formal music education began. Altho, I was a bit behind them. Jimi Hendrix changed the way music was played forever, and Zep was responsible for bringing what we now consider heavy metal (my fave genre of music, although I listen to everything except country and rap) into being. You have no idea how my heart swells with pride to know someone at your young age appreciates the classic rock era like you do. The music industry today is in horrible shape and it is very heartwarming to know that there are younger people out there that understand what true music is and the fact that music is recorded to be played LIVE!!!! Be well and keep istening and inspiring Deirdre.


    1. Thank you! I grew up with this music and so I’ll never stop listening. I admit that sometimes I do stray away for a little while but the moment I hear a song, I’m immediately reminded how amazing all these musicians are. It really is sad how few people in my generation know about them. I’ve spoken to quite a lot who don’t even know who the Beatles are.

      I actually love heavy metal as well and less of the country and rap… Guns ‘N Roses, Metallica, and Black Sabbath are some of my favorites. I really liked the latter when Dio was the singer.

      I completely agree that the music these days is nowhere near as good. The lyrics in the “hit songs” aren’t meaningful and very few musicians actually write their own lyrics. Plus, hardly any play instruments and simply rely on technology.

      Thanks for your comment!

      – Deirdre

      1. I almost commented on the fakeness of todays music but didn’t want to offend if you happened to listen to that as well. While I find most of it really offensive in it’s fakeness, there are a few singers/musicians that still understand and insist on the importance of playing their own instruments and actually PERFORMING live.

        I must say that given your age, I am extremely impressed with your knowledge. My favorite band of ALL TIME is Iron Maiden but I have to add that I totally agree with you on the DIO version of Sabbath. I loved the Ozzy stuff but the first time I heard “Heaven and Hell” I was floored. “Mob Rules” was a great album as well. Metallica was great until they went sideways on the Black album but the early stuff was solid. Plus they are from my neck of the woods. I live in the Bay Area where thrash Metal was born.

        Anyway, I am impressed by your knowledge. Thanks for sharing it with me. It gives me hope for the future of music

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