A Note of Appreciation

Song of the Day: Boys of Summer by Don Henley

When I first began writing sometime after my twentieth birthday, which was less than a year ago, I was in such a terrible place. I was about a mile below rock bottom and I wasn’t sure what I could do. I felt like the battle with my eating disorder and my bipolar disorder was all in vain. I tried my best to put on this facade just so everyone would believe that I was finally getting better.

With everything built up inside me, I decided to start this blog for the sole purpose of writing everything that I didn’t have the courage to say. At the same time, I was a little too scared to write about my thoughts and feelings on the Internet so I didn’t post often. In fact, my second post was over a month later.

I never make resolutions because I never follow through with them, but when 2014 came I made a promise to myself to just write about anything and everything as often as possible. When I delved into my writings, I actually made a breakthrough. I realized that sharing some of my deepest thoughts to a bunch of strangers really did help me. As cheesy as this sounds, I not only learned more about myself but I got the chance to (hopefully) help and communicate with others who are struggling as well.

So I just wanted to thank you, whoever you are, for taking the time to read about my days no matter how boring they can be at times. Thank you for making me laugh and letting me know that we have some things in common. Most of all, thank you for letting me know that someone cares because that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Oh gosh, I’m actually tearing up a little. That’s how touched I am. I’m really glad you can’t see me.

Just… thank you.

Sincerely, wholeheartedly, thank you.


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