Without a Spark

As you may or may not know, there have been several wildfires that have been raging throughout Southern California, concentrating mostly in Northern San Diego. With that said I actually traveled to San Diego from L.A. to visit my dad, brother, and dogs, as well as to check in with my psychiatrist about everything. I had to pass through Carlsbad and San Marcos and the sky above the cities was just black.

It was a terrifying sight and all I could, and can, do right now it to hope the best for everyone who had been evacuated or have lost their home. I didn’t see first hand what was happening but I’ve been reading and watching the news, and saw just how bad it’s been getting. I hope that if you or someone you know is living here in San Diego, in the north county especially, that you and your family are safe and have not had any kind of loss.

I’ve mostly been trying to keep up with the updates because I want to know if our family has to evacuate. The closest fire is about half an hour away and the temperatures are dropping a little so I think we’re safe. I have gone through many “fire seasons” here in San Diego, because sad to say it’s quite common during this time of year, but I’ve just never heard of so many fires erupting at once in the span of three days.

I’d like to take a moment to just show my appreciation for all the firefighters out there who have been working night and day to contain the fires. Mother Nature is definitely not on their side but they’ve been making great progress nonetheless. I also hope that it is false that some of the fires were due to arson. I mean, that’s just terrible.

But other than the fire situation, I am having a good time here. I found a new therapist and I immediately took a liking to her. And it takes me quite a long time to like someone. There was just something about her that made her easy to talk to. So, I’m excited for that! A friend and I also took the dogs to Lake Murray for a walk/jog, and I’m pretty exhausted. Other than just eating really good food, that’s all I’ve done. As you know I’m not the type of person who likes to go out all the time. I just enjoy seeing my family.

Anyway, that’s all I can say about the situation right now. Hopefully, things start looking up. Did you know that the wind and the fires were so bad that it created fire-nadoes of some sort? It was both incredible and devastating at the same time. The link I provided above (here again) shows video footage of the fires.

Stay safe!

(Image Source: Time)


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