Tea Time: Medication and Polyglot-ing

That’s a photo of San Diego! Ain’t it beautiful? You should consider visiting someday. I have a few I want to post.

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and had some tea. I always say that but this time it really has been a while. I haven’t been able to drink tea because it was about 100F in San Diego and we conveniently ran out of ice. Lovely.

Anyway, I promised myself quite a while ago that I would constantly write about my progress and I haven’t really been doing so so I wanted to write about it today. On a side note, isn’t strange that in English you can repeat the same word sometimes? Don’t you think that that’s pretty weird? I did when I started learning English.

I’ve mostly been doing quite well, actually. This is going to be the first month that I took all of my daily medication. I’ve been taking them for over a year and I’ve never gone through a whole month of taking them because… I’m quite stubborn and “non compliant”. I really did have problems with that but I don’t know where the turning point was. I think I just wanted to prove to myself that I am capable of being “well”. I also didn’t want my family to have to worry about me when I go abroad to study. Well, they will anyway but hopefully not as much. Taking my medication for the entire thirty days is a huge milestone for me. Like I said, I’ve never done that before so I’m really proud of myself and I hope I can go for two!

But at the same time I’m struggling a bit with restricting my food intake because well, it’s summer and it seems like everyone’s trying to lose weight. I try not to let it, but it affects me quite a lot. If I’m out with someone and they’re not eating, then there’s a high chance that I won’t be either. I’m not really a conformist but when it comes to dieting and food, I go a little insane. Luckily, my thoughts haven’t spiraled.

As for my continuing dream to become a polyglot, it’s still quite active. I’ve learned quite a bit of German the past few weeks and I think can communicate a bit… maybe have a conversation. I’ve been trying to watch more Disney movies in the languages I’m learning and I can surprisingly understand them pretty well. Maybe that’s because I already know what’s going on. But I still need to speak to those learning, if not native speakers, so I can practice. If you speak German or Russian, well, then… Hello. I’m Deirdre.

But, alas, I have my tea cup has run dry.

Time for my refill.

Would you like some madeleines?


4 thoughts on “Tea Time: Medication and Polyglot-ing

  1. Entschuldigung. Wie komme ich am besten zum bahnhof bitte? (Don’t ask me any more. I guess that’s full of errors but I haven’t spoken German in nearly 20 years!)

      1. Lol! Ausgezeichnet! I loved learning German. We studied it at school from age11-16. The problem with learning German (for me anyway) is that when you meet a German, their English is always embarrassingly amazing and it’s much easier to converse in English! Hope your studies are going well. The world is your oyster. :o)

      2. I completely agree. I met an Austrian professor yesterday and his English was amazing. Haha but I tried my best to communicate in German.

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