Thank You Mom and Dad

I took this photo while I was on the train from San Diego to L.A. It’s one of the few I took that actually came out and I thought that it represented my city quite well. I’m not a photographer, as you can see with the various photos on my blog.

Do you ever just sit down and think about everything you have? Do you take the time to appreciate it all? I sure hope so.

But I can’t lie. Sometimes I do forget, which actually makes me feel a little guilty because it seems like I take it for granted. I consider myself quite lucky despite the hardships that I’ve been through, especially regarding my mental health. I have a family, which I find can be a bit dysfunctional, who cares about me. I have most of my health and suitable healthcare. I have shelter, fresh water, regular meals, everything that I need and more.

I’m in no way trying to boast; I just wanted to point out the many things that I thank my parents for. They’re even the ones bearing the burden of my tuition fees so that I could completely focus on graduating without a worry. And I know they’re not the only ones who do the same, and sacrifice so much, for their children.

My dad especially, who I lived with for more than half my life after the divorce, is the one person that I appreciate more than anyone else. Gosh, this is beginning to sound like an acceptance speech but I’ll keep going. When we were nearly broke a decade ago, he worked several jobs and that was while having to take care of three young children. He’s the one who told me I didn’t have to get a job in high school or university, that he would find a way to pay tuition. And when I left university, even though all he ever wanted was for me to graduate, he was so understanding. I’m hoping I can buy him a huge house in the future… at the very least, though I know all he wants is a “thank you.”

So this post is for you, proud parent. I don’t know how you do it… You know how when we were really young, we thought of you as a superhero? Deep down, I think we still do. I can’t even imagine having the responsibilities and commitments you have. We can be stubborn, irritating, and a little crazy but you deal with us anyway. I mean, you kind of have to. Even if we don’t say it as often as we should, we appreciate everything that you do for us. We know that even as we grow up, we’ll still be children in your eyes. And to be honest, we’ll always be that child at heart.


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