Holidays and Anxiety Attacks

I don’t know what triggered it but I’m having a bit of an anxiety attack at the moment. It started this morning, sometime when I woke up, and it’s been lingering since. Deep breathing and soothing music doesn’t seem to help at the moment and I’m not sure what to do. The symptoms haven’t subsided, and I think they’re actually getting a bit worse. It’s difficult for me to type right now so I apologize in advance for my mistakes.

I’ve tried to go to sleep, but I’m just too anxious. I really have no clue what started it. I don’t have anything planned that would make me anxious. But then again, these kinds of things come out of nowhere all the time. So I’m simply sitting here, trembling and a bit lost, telling myself to calm down.

I’m going to write about something else in hopes that I will calm down a bit.

My summer holiday as began. I keep saying “holiday” instead of “vacation” now because a lot of my foreign friends say it. I haven’t been doing much except continuing my studies of German and Russian. I’ve been conversing with native speakers so I’ve been getting a lot better with both the languages. Google Translate is a liar so I bought myself some dictionaries.

Okay, I still can’t stop thinking about this massive anxiety attack I’m having.

Maybe I can play the piano. That might help a little.

Writing usually soothes me but it’s not helping.

Maybe I can talk to someone but sometimes that makes things a little worse.

People make me nervous.

I will go now.

I can no longer type.


4 thoughts on “Holidays and Anxiety Attacks

  1. Poor you. What about a brisk walk and fresh air? Could that help you shake it? I had panic attacks when I started Uni a long,long time ago. I understand how it comes out of nowhere when you think you’ve been fine and not worried about anything. I also didn’t like crowds. I tried to remember that the feelings will eventually pass, they are just feelings and that I was safe. Take it easy.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I’ve been speaking with my friend and he’s helping me cope a little better. I think a walk would be nice so I could get some fresh air.

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