Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope you know this isn’t the only day when I remember to appreciate you.

I don’t even know where to start… I want to thank you for everything. I know I’m not the easiest person to deal with but somehow you’ve managed to do that flawlessly for almost twenty-one years now. You were the one person who never gave up on me or stopped believing in me, even when I had hit rock bottom a while back. Somehow you managed to convince me that there was still hope.

You never expected anything more than for me to try my best at everything that I do. You never put any pressure on me to be a certain person, but at the same time believed I could be someone… anyone that I wanted. I knew that no matter where I ended up, you’d always be there for me; and that as long as I’m happy, you’d be proud of me.

I think I’m one of the luckiest people in the world, having a father like you. You were one of the only ones who understood why I had to leave school, and why I had to be in the hospital; and you didn’t think any less of me. Unlike so many others in this world, you were never quick to judge. Instead of taking my mental health so seriously, you find a way to make me laugh about the whole thing. You have no idea how important that is for me.

You let me live my own life and make my own mistakes. Because of that, I’m the person I am now. I’m conscious and intelligent, but still have the courage to take some risks (except ride roller coasters; that’s still a work in progress). Because of my anxiety I worry a lot about a lot of things, but you always tell me that you’d take care of everything. I have some rough edges but who doesn’t?

Most of all thank you for being more than just a father, but a friend as well.

Love always,



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