Tea Time: Football Craze and Other Stuff

Hello there! It’s nice of you to meet me here in San Diego. I don’t remember; have you been here before? If not we can go exploring. I’ve lived here since I was eight and I still love acting like a tourist. Actually I recently went to Seaport Village, which is where I took the photo above. My sister told me to look dramatically out into the horizon. I think we all need a photo like that.

There was a mime there. Man I love silent comedy.

Anyway while I’ve been here I’ve also watched a handful of movies, which I could have done in Lancaster for less money but I still have about zero friends there. I watched The Fault in Our Stars, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and 22 Jump Street. Out of all three my favorite has to be Dragon 2. I just thought it was so good! If you’re going to watch a single movie in theaters I recommend that one. Okay, in the movie Hiccup… Fine, I won’t spoil anything for you. That means you just have to watch it.

On demand, I watched 12 Years a Slave as well as The Lego Movie. And since then the “Everything is Awesome” song is stuck in my head. I’ve been singing it too much and I only know about two lines. I’m sure my family is quite annoyed by now. Oh well. Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of the team! 

So have you been watching the World Cup? Well, then you should start because it’s been so great so far. As a somewhat-but-not-as-much-as-others proud American I’m obliged to cheer for our team… but I’m actually cheering for the Netherlands, Germany, and France. Just don’t go announcing that, okay? Where are you from again? Who are you cheering for? I don’t think a lot of my friends are actually watching. They’re not sports fans… sadly, because I love watching sports. Also I find football, or soccer, players quite attractive.

Speaking of which, Wimbledon’s on! I don’t even really follow tennis despite having played it but it’s interesting.

Let’s see… what else to tell you about my rather mundane life.

Oh! I went to see my psychiatrist a few days ago. He says I’ve been doing quite well these days and I for the first time in a while I completely agree. I’ve been doing so well with taking my medication. I’m so proud of me. He also doubled one of my medications because I told him about the anxiety attacks I’ve been having lately. I don’t know if you remember but just a little while ago, all I could talk about was my anxiety. I haven’t actually started it yet since it’s for my next prescription, which I still need to pick up…

So I guess that’s all for me for the moment.

How’s life been treating you? Well, I hope.


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