Turning 21 (Almost)

These past three days have been so amazing. My friends from San Diego drove all the way over here to throw me a surprise party. I mentioned many times in the past that I can’t handle surprise parties because social interaction is just thrown into my face. I have terrible social anxiety, even when it comes to people I’ve known for years, and so when they first arrived here I was shaking. My friend had told me last week that there would be a surprise party for me but I wasn’t told what day… And so I needed an extra pill or two to calm me down.

Once I settled down, I had a lot of fun. It was about 100F so we went swimming in my pool and had some tacos. There was a taco truck there for some odd reason. It was pretty great and my brother had about seventeen during lunch. I actually got out of pool just to watch the end of the Netherlands vs Costa Rica game. As a Dutch fan, I was incredibly nervous but what a shootout, right? Some of my friends who somewhat slightly cared about football watched with me. One of my friends was actually cheering for Costa Rica so I kicked him out of my house… Okay, I didn’t.

Since 21 is the legal drinking age here in the States, my friends insisted that I drank. I’m going to say that throughout that night I had more or less nine shots. I think it’s safe to say that everyone was rather impressed that I can handle alcohol so well despite my size. I was only slightly dizzy but I passed all the sober tests. I have absolutely no idea why I have such a high tolerance for alcohol because I absolutely hate alcohol. I think it tastes like gasoline… not that I know what that tastes like. Nonetheless, I hate drinking. It’s just not me.

But I have to say that we were quite an interesting group of slightly to very intoxicated people… One of my friends began speaking fluent Spanish. She knows Spanish but she spoke it so well that night. My other friend started yelling at me in Italian so I started yelling at him in German. I was quite conscious of it too. Two of my other friends were quite emotional and one started crying because someone accidentally gave me artificial cherry, which I’m allergic to. It was absolutely hilarious.

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Letters from friends

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have drank that much because I take a lot of medication and, well… alcohol and pills don’t mix at all. It even says on all my prescription bottles to avoid alcohol. How incredibly stupid of me. I actually think sometime last night someone asked me about that but I just didn’t say anything.

Three of my friends left that night, with a designated driver of course, and I just… cried. It was one of the first times I’ve ever cried in front of such a large group of people but I couldn’t help it. Another three left the next night and the last, yet most precious, friend left yesterday night. So it was a three-day party. We actually didn’t so much on Sunday because we were so exhausted from Saturday. We just sat around my upstairs living room talked about everything. Don’t you just love having friends like that?

They all gave me handwritten letters that I just opened and I was so touched. Since this has already been such an emotional weekend for me, I just cried some more. I still can’t believe they all drove all the way out here just for me. I never really thought of myself as someone that important to anyone but this whole weekend completely changed my outlook. Everyone in my family and a good majority of my friends had been planning this for me and I’m just so grateful for having these kinds of people in my life.

I guess I just never realized how lucky I am.


One thought on “Turning 21 (Almost)

  1. Wow if this happens to me, I would cry a fountain then have an anxiety attack before stuffing myself with food my friends brought hahahah I have anxiety problem too but I think when this kind of things happen, it kinda helps me get used to social situation. You are blessed girl 😉 I thought pills for anxiety weren’t good so I never took any medication for it and I try to keep it under control on my own. Check out my blog meowthemiao.wordpress.com where I live to write! Have an awesome day! 😉

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