Tea Time: Uni Preparation and Friendships

Song of the Day: A Lifetime by Better than Ezra

Wow. It’s been a long time since we’ve last had tea together, hasn’t it? That’s mostly my fault since I’ve been preoccupied with getting ready for Edinburgh, which is in less than three weeks from today! I can’t even believe it.

I got my required classes and it’s mostly just math and informatics stuff, which is really no surprise since… that’s what I’m studying. Don’t give me that look. I love those kinds of classes. Anyway, I’m hoping to take either Russian or German as my elective. I’m not entirely sure which language I want to learn more since both are interesting in their own way. However I have to say my German is a lot better than my Russian…

What about you? Have you decided your classes yet? Wait… what are you studying again? Sorry, it completely slipped my mind since it’s been so long. I’ll remember it this time around, I swear. If you have room for an elective, you should take a language class. I suggest German so I have someone to speak with.

Am scared? A little, I guess. But it’s the good kind. I’m going to be in this whole new city where not a single person knows who I am. It’s similar to a blank slate, a tabula rasa. Haven’t we all wished at least once in our life that we had one of those? Well, it’s not completely blank since I’m going in having learned so much from my past experiences.

No, it’s not cheating.

I’m not even really anxious about my classes. I don’t mean to sound arrogant at all but if there’s one thing I’m ridiculously good at, it’s school. I love learning and studying and I’m incredibly goal driven. Wow, this is sounding like some kind of entrance interview…

Anyway, what I’m really worried about is making friends. Don’t get me wrong I think I’m a relatively friendly person a majority of the time (sometimes I have my bad days, but who doesn’t?). However do you ever just meet someone new and think to yourself, “am I allowed to say that?” Because my humor is so dry, and a little morbid I have to admit, I constantly run the risk of offending someone because they misunderstand what I say.

You know what I mean. You even said that it takes a little while to get used to me… That’s besides the point, kind of. But you really do understand what I mean, right?

I have to determine what the other person’s sense of humor is like during our first few conversations. When I was studying in Berkeley, you have no idea how many people just didn’t want to speak to me after a few sentences. Sometimes, they’d just stop speaking to me after a single sentence where I know I’ve said absolutely nothing wrong.

For instance, during a break in my math class I turned to the person next to me and this was our exact conversation:

Me: Hey, I like your shirt. Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands.

Guy: Okay.

I gave up after a few people did that to me. I just assumed that most of the people in my classes weren’t too interested in making friends, which didn’t really surprise me considering they’re mostly engineering majors and probably too busy with their class load… or I just tell myself that too make me feel better about being rejected.

Their loss because I am a hoot! I am, right? Just nod.

I’m hoping to run into people who share the same sense of humor as I do. Isn’t it so awkward when people don’t understand when you’re joking? My friends and I make stupid, cheesy jokes all the time. Sometimes, they’re so bad that they’re funny.

Okay, sorry for the ramble.

I pass the torch to you.

Just let me refill.


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