Tea Time: Don’t You (Forget About Me)

This may be the last time we can have tea here in California. Can you believe it? Well, I have to spend the rest of the week packing because… I haven’t done much of it and I’m leaving on Monday. I should really be doing that now but I wanted to squeeze some time in for you because, well, we’ve gotten to be quite close over this past year haven’t we? However, I may not be able to stay long.

I’m looking through the TSA standards of international flying and I’m quite confused about it because I’ve never had to bring this much stuff on a plane. When I went to Berkeley, I drove so I didn’t have any problems. All I know is that it has to be less than 50lbs or there’ll be extra charges.

No, I’m not bringing my entire room! I’m actually proud that it’s two suitcases, though rather large ones, that I’ll check in and a backpack as my carry-on. My worst fear at this moment isn’t even about flying. It’s about the small chance that my luggage will be lost. Don’t roll your eyes at me. There’s only so much I can carry in my backpack. I’m changing planes in Chicago and then Brussels. A lot can happen.

Have you ever been to Belgium? From what I know, most of the people there speak French and/or Dutch, two of the languages that I failed to learn. I’ve learned a bit of a handful of languages but none of French, which is a pretty common language. You should teach me a bit before I leave. I wanted to learn after German and Russian but that might be a little while since the latter is so difficult.

Guess what? I took the initiative and messaged a few people going to my university, two of them my flatmates. Aren’t you proud of me? I never do those sorts of things. As you know, I have really bad social anxiety (and general anxiety) so it was a huge step for me to message people I don’t know. But I figured that I didn’t want to go there not knowing a single person, especially my flatmates. I found someone who has the same major and we actually have quite a lot in common and we get along pretty well.

It also eases my anxiety that a lot of people are going into the major without much experience. I was terrified that I would be completely behind because I haven’t been in school in almost two years. Of course, there are still going to be those amazingly gifted students, which I’m used to after attending Berkeley.

I’ve also been spending some time collecting my close friends’ addresses so I can send them postcards and other European things. I’m sure there are some stuff there that we don’t have here in America and vice versa. I’m hoping it won’t be too expensive. If so, I’ll just have to choose friends. I’m only partly joking.

Another thing I really have to worry about is finding a psychiatrist/therapist there because I’m going to admit that I need at least one, more likely a psychiatrist since I take daily medication. Plus, I need someone to talk to about my mental health. Sure I can find people there, but it takes me a while to open up about something like this… unless they somehow stumble upon this blog. It’s not too difficult. The link is on my Facebook profile.

I can talk to you anytime, right?

That’s good to hear.

Even though I know I’ll be busy, I’ll make time.

Okay, I’m handing the spirit stick to you. Go on and talk about your life.


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