I’m in Edinburgh!

Hello all! Rest easily, I’m okay. I’m absolutely exhausted and jetlagged but okay.

I arrived in Edinburgh on Tuesday night and I’ve been meaning to write about it but I completely forgot to buy an outlet converter and I ran around the last few days trying to look for one so I could charge my laptop. I found one for my phone in Sainsbury’s, which is something in between a Target and Von’s, but only today did I find one for my laptop. It’s a long story so I won’t go there.

Anyway, the flight here was actually decent. My first stop was in Chicago, but it was for about an hour so I didn’t get to do much. By the way, in their airport they have automatic toilet seat covers! I know it sounds a little strange, but I was so excited to see that… It’s just so amazing to me! Why don’t they have that everywhere? That’s so useful to those paranoid people like me.

It was an eight-hour flight to Brussels and I sat in between a rather large man who slept the entire time and a nurse from the midwest on vacation to Athens. I spent most of my time watching the free movies that they provided, but drifting to and from sleep every so often so there are blanks in my memory about what happened in Maleficent, Oculus, the Other Woman, and Neighbors. I finished The Grand Budapest Hotel though. I highly recommend that movie by the way! As for the guy sitting in the aisle seat, I felt so bad having to wake him up whenever I wanted to go to the bathroom. I mean I have the bladder size of a two-year-old.

So then I get to the beautiful, gorgeous city of Brussels… where I passed out on one of the lounge couches for about five hours. When I woke up I spoke to a few people from around the area and around Europe. Everyone is so courteous! Living in Southern California most of my life, I’m not used to it. Also, the bathrooms  – or rather toilets – are like tiny rooms. The stalls have no openings underneath or below so you have total privacy… I don’t know why I keep talking about bathrooms.

At 22:00 (you like my use of military time?), I finally arrived in Edinburgh.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
View of Edinburgh from the castle

I actually haven’t been able to do much in the city because I’ve been so exhausted and jetlagged. However, I managed to go to the castle and it was absolutely beautiful. At the bottom of the hill before going into the castle, there was a man wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes! I was so excited and had to take a photo with him. You can find that on my Instagram. I’m not self-advertising or anything, even though I am, but you can follow my little adventures there.

The castle is amazing! I had the chance to see the Crown Jewels of Scotland and learned a great amount about the history. Did you know Mary, Queen of Scots was crowned when she was six-days-old? What an achievement for a newborn, huh? I have to Wikipedia her because I’ve learned a tad bit about her in school but not much to my recollection. I’m planning on posting more photos of the castle soon. I mostly took video because it’s just easier that way. I did make a little 15-second video of some of the things I’ve seen.

I got a chance to taste haggis and it’s actually quite good, if you like liver. I do so I liked it. I don’t think I can eat a large amount though. It’s really heavy, at least to me, and I didn’t eat the rest of the day after that. Well, I also fell asleep for six hours in the middle of the day because I’m still in California time…

The one thing I’d like to point out, out of the many things I did already, is just how nice people are here. I mean ridiculously and genuinely nice! It’s just so amazing to me how helpful everyone I’ve encountered was. I felt a little bad every time I asked someone to repeat what they said because the accent is difficult for me to understand. Sometimes, it doesn’t sound like English to me! But I think I’m getting used to it… after two days. Maybe.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to check out the university but even if I don’t get a chance to, it’s Fresher’s Week starting on Monday and there’ll be tours of the school available. I feel like I’ll be socializing quite a lot this coming week so I might just stay in the hotel or sit in a cafe for a little while to prepare my introverted self for all the introductions, small talk, and everything else that exhausts me.

So that’s that for now. It’s around 23:00 and I woke up two hours ago.

Time for tea, I guess.


4 thoughts on “I’m in Edinburgh!

  1. That sounds so exciting! I’m looking forward to hear about your other adventures. I’ll be applying to graduate school over in Scotland and Ireland, so it’ll be kind of nice to hear about your experiences 🙂

    1. That’s so great! What are you studying?

      It’s so beautiful here and I felt more welcome at the university than I did at my old one in California. I don’t know… it’s just quite nice here. I’m hoping to get the chance to explore much more.

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