Survive the First Week: Check

Song of the Day: Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen

Well, I am officially done with my first week of classes. It was an easy week since I wasn’t registered for my optional class until Thursday.

Oh, allow me to tell you funny story.

I met with my personal tutor, who is the person who registers you for all your classes, and it took twice as long as it was supposed to. I felt like I was being so difficult, but hey; it was my schedule. I was set on taking Russian, but she told me that it would mean I would go over the credit limit, which is 120. So I told her I’d take the Russian class with half the credits but it was filled. So, she had to call the department and ask if I could still be enrolled in the class. As a safety, she registered me for German, which would conflict with one of my other classes that I could easily change the time to, so no problem there.

But at the end, I asked her if I could petition to take more credits and she was so stunned since apparently no first year has ever done that before. I made this pretty great argument about the course load and she said she would email the university to ask if I could do it. I got the email later that day confirming my spot in the original Russian class that I wanted, putting me twenty credits over the limit.

And that’s my story… which actually isn’t that funny but it made me laugh because I felt like I was being so unreasonable.

I spent much of the week trying to get to know some people through my classes and the societies I recently joined, which includes the German, Russian, and Whiskey Societies. I’m also thinking about the Murder Mystery Society because it just sounds amazing. I assumed that people willing to act out a murder in a pub are my kind of people. My kind of people are also ones who would rather play board games than go to a club. I’ve never been to a club before but I jumped to the conclusion that I would hate it.

Now pubs… I can do pubs. I went to one on Wednesday and Thursday night. Wednesday night was such an incredible time to be out because of the referendum campaigns, mostly the “Yes Scotland” people. I personally would have voted a “No” but hey. Thursday night was the Russian Society Welcome Party and it was a blast! I met some great people to help me and this girl who doesn’t like parties either! I love finding those people.

Whenever I’m speaking to someone, I somehow work into the conversation that I don’t like large parties or even large groups of people. Sometimes it’s because I get anxious but most of the time it’s because I like to talk with everyone in the group and I can’t do that if there’s a dozen people there. Okay, a dozen isn’t even much… In the society meetings I just try to find a group of three to five people to speak with. I think three other people is a good number.

So how was my week?

Pretty great, I guess.

I keep telling myself that I’m going to follow up with some people since I don’t want them to be that person I talk to once, add on Facebook, and never speak to again. I’m trying to actually cultivate friendships, while maintaining my old ones from the U.S.

But I’m actually pretty socially burned out now. I’m going to spend the weekend studying, drinking tea, reading, and running errands. I just need some me-time, especially after this party that I’m going to in a bit. I absolutely love that my flatmates understand that. I got extremely lucky with them. I feel like I can be myself around them and it’s a huge relief. My true self likes to be completely immature and blunt, and make morbid jokes. And they’re okay with that!

It just makes me feel so… great.

And that’s my lovely week. I hope yours was just as amazing!


Gossip Girl

Just kidding. I watched an episode that show and it was completely idiotic… but it felt like an ‘xoxo’ moment.


3 thoughts on “Survive the First Week: Check

  1. Awesome. I love the intellectual aggression and the way you managed to get the school to go by YOUR rules. That is AWESOME. I hope you find success in every class. Way to go making the effort to be more social as well. I know it can’t be easy. I struggle with comfort zones in groups of people as well. Not as severely as you, it seems, but I can relate to it at some level. Thanks for bringing us all along for your amazing collegiate ride overseas. Scotland is lucky to have you.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying my little blurbs about my Scottish experience. haha. And yes, I DEFINITELY felt amazing after managing to stand up to the school. I mean, it’s something I never thought I could/would do.

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