Bruised But Not Scarred

That’s how Starbucks spelled my name yesterday. Dejar. That’s new. It means “to leave” in Spanish so I’m somewhat offended.

I just realized earlier today that my room makes me look like some kind of drug addict because of all the prescription bottles that I have. They’re just… there. I mean, I would put them away but even though I’ve been on them for more than a year there are times I forget. It’s usually the morning ones since I’m not a morning person at all. I’m forced to be here but I still wake up quite close to my lectures and forget virtually everything but my homework.

I’m a great student above anything else.

Okay, I’m really not. I’m probably mediocre at best. This is technically my third year of uni and so I guess I’ve just found what works for me when it comes to doing well. It’s unconventional but, well, it works.

Anyway, if anyone ever comes into my room and sees all the medication, I assume that person won’t ask about it. Even so I would most likely say “health problems”, which isn’t a lie at all. That’s my excuse for being a twenty-one-year-old fresher.

On the topic of my insanity, I’m completely freaking out about having all of my medical records forwarded to my health care provider here. I have a meeting with disability services on Wednesday and I’m supposed to have copies of my records sent by then. If not, I may have to reschedule and I don’t want to do that because I can admit to actually needing their help.

But I digress.

I wanted to rant on about my somewhat terrible week. I only say it’s terrible because my Monday was quite horrific. If I don’t start of the week correctly, then I just… I lean towards being in a pretty bad mood the rest of the week. On Monday, one of the rainiest days we’ve had so far here in Edinburgh, I couldn’t find my umbrella. So I was pretty soaked. I had forgotten to do an assignment because I misread the homework sheet.

I was marked down about twenty-five percent on another assignment because I didn’t write my Russian characters in cursive, even though none of the lecturers write in cursive. My eyes were completely blurred for some odd reason so I couldn’t see any of the powerpoints during lectures. Finally, some random person elbowed me in the eye, giving me a pretty bad black eye.

By then I had just about enough of Monday and told the guy I was fine and just went home to take a nap, which ended up being three hours long so I woke up around 20.00. At least I had calmed down afterwards and managed to be completely productive until late into the night. But this week I walked around with this prominent black eye. When someone had the courage to ask about it I would simply say “I can’t tell you. There are rules.”

If you get that reference, we can be the best of friends.

I guess in retrospect, the rest of my week wasn’t too bad. I had some coffee and tea, and a lunch of two with some of my friends every other day in between or after classes. I found some people who have a similar sense of humor, the dark sarcasm that I have. It’s quite a relief. Sometimes I sound like an absolutely horrible, insensitive person because of my humor so it’s great to find others who understand that I’m joking… at least I am most of the time.

So, well, that’s my week. I wanted to write about something pretty important but the topic slipped my mind. I’m hoping it’ll come back to me because I thought it was something quite relatable.

For now, I guess I’ll leave it at this.

On a little side note, apparently Nordic funerals are outlawed in the majority of the world.

Another dream crushed.

Have a lovely weekend!


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