A Lot Like Christmas

I can’t believe I’ve been so late to acknowledge that ’tis the season! And in Edinburgh it’s been Christmas since the beginning of November.

It started snowing a bit yesterday and, well, I almost slipped and fell…

There are a few specific reasons for this:

  1. I didn’t see the ice on the stairs outside my flat.
  2. The shoes I was wearing had no traction on ice.
  3. I was overly excited.

Moving on from that, it’s absolutely beautiful. I was so amazed when I walked outside towards the Meadows and saw that it was blanketed in ice. I had missed the morning snowfall but I caught the one near the late afternoon and it was just so wonderful! I know it’ll just get worse come January but let me bask in my ignorance for a little while.

But I think I’m going to hold off on listening to Christmas music, besides the ones forced upon us all in cafés, or else I wouldn’t be able to focus on my programming final on Monday. I’ve been making plans with a few of my friends to go do some Christmasy stuff because I really do believe Edinburgh is gorgeous during the holidays. I’ll share a photo of the Christmas market when I actually go.

If you’re a student, I know that this is also the season for final exams. What a wonderful way to welcome in the holidays. But hang in there! You’re almost done. Study study study and ace your exams! I don’t really think I did but I’m just glad it’s all over with.

You know what my favorite part about Christmas is?

Besides the cheesy music, movies and jumpers… I love giving.

I few years ago, I reached a point in my life where I stopped making lists about what I want and made ones about what I thought others wanted. I honestly haven’t wanted anything for Christmas for years because, well, I just feel as if I have everything and more that I could ever need. I’m getting a good education, I have a roof over my head, I’m provided with food and water every day, and, most importantly, I have solid friendships and a loving – though sometimes dysfunctional – family. What else could I possibly need?

And so I like to put a smile on others’ faces.

Not just during Christmas, of course.

Sometimes when I’m passing through a shop, I’ll see something that reminds me of someone close to me and can’t help but buy it for said person. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that. I just like to let others know that I think about them. I mean, isn’t that a wonderful feeling? Knowing that someone remembered some seemingly mundane detail that you’ve mentioned?

When I was in high school, I was a part of a community service club. Every year we would raise enough money to buy food and gifts for the less fortunate around Chula Vista. We would take trips to the shops and buy the necessities that we so often take for granted such as toiletries. And we would buy toys for the younger children. We would wrap them and everything. That was always my favorite part of the season.

That and everyone in my family putting aside their differences to have a wonderful time together.

What’s your favorite part about Christmas?

On a side note: I’m not one of those owners who dresses up their dogs but I’m seriously considering buying Zeus and Riley cheesy Christmas jumpers.

Happy Holidays!

Ten more days before I get to see my family again!


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